Friday, November 19, 2010

What I'm Doing

Yesterday Ian and I made an event out of our trip to town. We ate lunch at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant and saw the current exhibit at the Nevada Museum of Art - Audubon prints on loan from the New York Historical Society, complete with bird sounds available through cell phone call. We kick ourselves for not getting to the museum more often. I love this sentinel Don Quixote-ish horse made from sagebrush.

I just finished spinning the last of the pound of blue-face Leicester that I took to the Foothill Fiber Guild dye-day last spring. I had dyed three quarter-pound batches in almost the same color ways and when I realized that, I tried something else. It's very blue-green.
The other 3/4 pound I spun randomly together and am knitting the yarn into this vest. I need the stuff I'm spinning to be in color agreement so I can use it for the edges and neck since I have limited yardage for the vest body.
The yarn and the color were looking so good during the spinning but there's nothing in common here - apples and oranges. I went over to Mim's for some fiber-cave time this afternoon - needed eggs and friendship. We're supposed to be snowed in this weekend and I'm out of eggs. When I came home, I put this yarn in a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants dye bath. The skeins are drying now - I hope they lighten up.
I picked up a UPS package that the delivery guy had tossed over the gate on my way to Mim's. My looper loom is here! I'm chomping at the bit - cannot wait for Alexia to come out so we can play with this. The colors are just as bright and vibrant as they are on the Internet. She's very excited about it. So am I.
Ol' what's his face was pretty interested too, and this is where my camera battery died. I really do need to buy a backup. Meanwhile, it's pouring snow outside - such bad timing. Tomorrow is my monthly knit date and also a lunch date with my book club. I expect I will be at neither occasion.


Michelle said...

I'm sorry you'll probably be snowed in, but you have so many wonderful things to pursue at home that it can't be THAT bad, can it? :-)

Anonymous said...

The looper loom looks like a great granddaughter project. Which vest have you begun - one of the patterns you showed?

Theresa said...

Oh I love that sage brush horse too! Now I'm wishing I had some sage brush around. Is he light in weight?
That looper loom looks just cute as can be. As does Ol Whats-his-face checking it out. I hear you on the snow.
We're getting it as I write. No Clay folk show venture today.
Knitting looks lovely as does the yarn. Vest pattern?

re'New said...

Yup, that loom is gonna be fun - for both of you! I really want to have that horse sculpture... If I can find some wood, maybe I'll try to make one myself sometime... when I have a moment :)

Leigh said...

You're supposed to be snowed in? Wow, do you want me to send you some of our mild 60s? Good think you've got so many projects to keep you busy!

vlb5757 said...

Love the snow! We don't get ours until Feb/March. It's nearly 70 here today. Pretty warm for even us this time of year. I love the sage brush horse. I haven't dyed any roving in a while. I am thinking I need to pretty soon before I spend money on more yarn. I think my first and last weaving project was the basic pot holder. I enjoyed it but I enjoyed seeing your stuff so much more! I don't have room for another hobby.