Friday, May 02, 2008

Moving On

I have a lot of yarn that I've spun in the past and need to work up. To that end, I've been swatch-
ing this yarn that I spun a couple of years ago when we rented a cabin on the Fern River in Felton, California. It was a delightful experience and I've wanted to do the yarn justice to preserve the memory. One ply is grey Corriedale/ Rambouillet and the other ply is something I got from Kate Painter when I bought my Lendrum, way back when she owned Paradise Fibers. She had created a fiber cocktail from a variety of colors blend into a white wool. I assume the wool is Coopworth since that's what she raises. When I saw Michelle's Sonnet sweater yesterday, I knew that I had found my pattern. Sonnet can be made from any gauge fiber since you plug your figures into the spaces. I had thought about dyeing the yarn with indigo, but I've decided to leave it as it is. But first I have a baby sweater to knit. It's a girl! We're going to have a grandniece in October.
I stopped at the nursery yesterday and picked up two tomato plants. The nursery's tomato stock had been hit hard by the frost and I figured if these two could still look this vigorous, then they have to be pretty hardy. It was 24 degrees yesterday morning when I got up. This what these tomatoes are up against.

My poor colum-
bines are as trauma-
tized as the day lilies by the frosts. That's why I'm planting the tomatoes in Walls of Water. By the time I'm done, it'll look like a tomato prison!

Robin asked to see some of Joe's pottery so here goes. These two pieces actually cost the same. The large one was in Joe's "Old and in the Way" section a couple of years ago. We came home but couldn't stop thinking about it, so Ian went back on got it. There's a seam that shows a join about a quarter of the way up. We love it anyway.

This is actually a large pasta bowl, but since we don't often have enough mouths to feed to fill it, we mostly look at it here.

And this is our most recent acqui-
sition. Notice, I didn't say purchase. Joe's wife Shiho liked one of my felted bags so we traded, my bag for his pot. I absolutely love it. By the way, the dark specks on the right are complete arrowheads that son Josh found last summer in the creek runs behind our house.


Leigh said...

I absolutely love pottery. It's something I would never do myself, but I love it just the same. And I really like that swatch. The way the colors are working out is fantastic.

Jodi said...

Sonnet looks like a great knit! Congrats to your family on the baby-to-be.

Bummer about the columbine plants. Those are my favorite flowers. I didn't really notice how great they were until I saw tons of them in Colorado a few years ago. The only things I like almost as much are clematis, Virginia bluebells, and Indian paintbrush!

Purple Fuzzy Mittens said...

I have many lovely memories and a few pictures of that cabin in Felton. Here you are plying that yarn:
It makes a lovely swatch!