Saturday, November 15, 2008

Another Disappointment

I was trying to stretch what's left on my 5/2 cotton cones so resorted to stripes. I'm warped and tied up for Ms and Os and on top of that I'm warped at 18 epi for twill when 20 epi is recommended. It's all wrong, and by this point I had also discovered a threading error. I had already found and fixed a couple, argh. What to do??

I cut it off so and retied up. My sleying error is identified in the maw of my scissors. I think I had been getting the appearance of Ms and Os, but the cotton is too course - not sure. As a newbie, it probably would be a good thing to stick to conventional weaves and solid colored warps for a while.
I crawled under my loom and changed the tie-up back to standard and that's what this towel will be - standard tie-up with Mos and Os threading. In the end, I will have another towel and more weaving experience. Since I don't have access to a classroom, I apparently am my own laboratory. I need to buy some good colors.


Valerie said...

Gee...I kind of like those colors, esp. for towels.

I think you're doing a great job of "home schooling".

Mim said...

I don't learn well in the class room it makes me too ridged and less likely to stretch myself creatively. Doing it yourself gave you the chance to figure out a new way of doing it and a darn nice way it is! Looks awesome to me! Learn from this blip and try the original idea again. Bet you get it right next time. This towel isn't wrong it's a new "right" created by you.

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I like what Mim said.
I wish I had your adventurous soul, I'm scared of putting so much time into warping the loom only to screw it up. At least your doing it :)

Purple Fuzzy Mittens said...

You are much more determined than me. I guess that's why I stick to knitting and other pursuits that require less forethought and planning. I admire your focus and attention to detail!

Leigh said...

Unfortunately, sometimes there's nothing for it except to cut it off, re-sley, and re-tie. I dread making the decision to have to do this, but I'm always glad in the end. I really like the second go at the towels. Nice texture for the stripes!

Marie said...

I think it is very pretty and a nice selection of colors.

Laura said...

Well, it could have been fixed, but I don't know if you would have had to re-sley all the way to the edge... Sometimes you can just add another or delete a warp end to make it come out right.

Don't feel bad - remember the fiber-to-shawl shawl? There were 2 ends left over, and I didn't know where they went. After I started weaving (and the clock was ticking), I found out where they went - right smack dab in the middle... Dang!! Made kind of a silly looking log cabin - like a sequoia was in the middle.

Sometimes you just have to try and try and learn from the trials (like I did with sheep...).

At least you're weaving - my looms are still holding up stuff in the bedroom.