Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One Fleece Down

Ta-dah. This is the last of a seven-
pound Targhee/
Corriedale fleece that I bought at Black Sheep Gathering about ten years ago. So if it takes me ten years to spin a seven pound fleece and I have 20 more in the garage, how many years will it take me to spin the rest if I leave the station at the same time as the train, traveling at 70 miles per hour. I hate word math, doncha know.

This basket was stuffed with the roving that is now these skeins. Yarn is so much easier to store than the wool. I've begun spinning black Corriedale roving that I also bought at Black Sheep, but probably more like seven years ago. We haven't been in five years which is how long we have had the sheep. That's just silly - we have sheep so can't go to the sheep show.
I'm planning to make another lap robe like this one, but this time I'd like to use shades of red. This blue is the same wool as I just finished spinning. I can't knit fast enough to use up all my wool - gotta weave it.

Knitting - I've finished all my "gotta" projects and am now pondering on what I'll start for a "wanta" project.


Jodi said...

Wow! I hadn't realized just how much more compact yarn is than fleece. I love that blue throw.

Wool Enough said...

Seven pounds!? Twenty more?! Wow! You haz fiber.

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Very nicely done! Pretty fiber, bet it was a wonder to spin. I like the sheen!
Maybe one day I will do something with my yarn besides crochet; I know I can't crochet fast enough to use it all :)
I do have the loom, just need the 'want to' to use it.

Birdsong said...

The weaving is fantastic! I do know it will be easy to leave fleece and yarn behind, no matter how fast I spin and knit....

Leigh said...

Now I don't feel so badly about the age of some of the fleeces I have. I'm finally getting started on the Polwarth, but I've only had that one for 2 or 3 years.

Kathy said...

Go for it!!! YAY!!! Someone actually using their stash!!!

OK, I can calm down now. I've looked out the window and nothing's frozen over. LOL!
Keep up the beautiful work!