Monday, January 19, 2009

MLK Holiday - the Best One

We bought this LCD TV so we can watch movies in the daytime, presuming we will get to retire and be home in the daytime. It sat in the box in the hall, and sat and sat. We pondered and pondered, then decided that this is why we have kids, right? Okay, not really. No arm twisting was required. Son Josh and family came out and he had it working in literally minutes.

DIL Missy has turned into uber-knitter - remember that she had only been knitting since September. We were looking through projects that were her grandmother's that she thought might be her legacy to finish. They were from cheap yarn and I disavowed that. Missy said her mother had already said the same thing but Missy is sentimental.

This is the baby blanket she is knitting for a friend and it's perfectly gorgeous. She gave her first one at a baby shower just last weekend. The receiving mom thought it was commercial and when she realized that Missy had knit every stitch, she was completely overwhelmed. Handwork matters.
When they got here this afternoon, I had just started to full the bags that I had finished knitting, so they got to see the fulling process from start to finish. All bags are knit the same in the beginning, but depending on the wool, they shape up differently. Grandson Logan, also a beginning knitter, was absolutely taken by the difference in the results. Before fulling, every one of these bags is the same. The surprise at the end is part of my fun.
The sunset was spec-
tacular tonight. It's so often like this that sometimes I forget to stop and appreciate it. Josh was standing in the window and called me to come and see. Our move out here was spontaneous and a seeming gamble. It worries me, so it always pleases me when our family enjoys our digs. Our family is scattered but thankfully, we are all on the West Coast. I can't imagine families spread across the continent.

Liquid sky.


wooly daisy said...

amazing sunset for martin luther king jr.!!!!

Purple Fuzzy Mittens said...

You were destined to move out to the country so we can all visit you there! ;-) I wish I had been there this evening to photograph the sunset from you back porch!

vlb5757 said...

The felted bags are just wonderful. I was smitten when I did my very first bag. I have made one for my SIL and clogs for my DH. I just love watching how they turn out.

What a fabulous sunset! We only usually see the city lights. Not that exciting...

Valerie said...

sounds like a great day of fiber and family. Great colorful photo's!

Just a hint...even if you retire, you won't be watching much daytime tv. Except for maybe days like today.

bspinner said...

Beautiful sunset!!!
Miss blanket is adorable. I know I never did so well when I first started knitting.
I can't wait to see your bags when they're finished. I like your colors.

Lindsey Cleveland said...

My big question is "Are you retiring?" Those of us Interlibrary Loan mavens are curious and possibly jealous!
Good blog, by the way. Lindsey

Minya said...

I love you mommy! I love our family! I love your husband! I love your house! I love the view from your house. I love every single dingle thing about you :)