Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Whadda Day

Remember these skeins? You wondered what they would become. Well, I'll tell you. Oh, doesn't that sound like Monty Python & the Holy Grail. I want to sing. Sorry, I got sidetracked.

The purple is in both hats and the cerise is the pattern of the right hat. The left skein I am knitting into a bag. I have a whole mess of tiny scraps that I've tried to lay out in some sort of color order and see if they'll make a bag. We shall see. What is your favorite color? African or European Swallow?? Sorry, sorry - I got the Python sidetrack again.

Today has been a little odd. Ian and I just got home from the wake for my ex-husband. Ian is a recovering alcoholic and Mike just died of the disease. The wake was at his favorite bar, and as a geologist, he had a plenty of drinking company. The wake was announced in his obituary and the bar was packed. Both of us ex-wives and kids were there. I visited with one of his girlfriends that he dated after his second divorce, whom he had brought over to our house one Christmas eve. Ian and I both liked her, but she said she had to break up with him because he was always drunk by 8:00. Life is not a 30-minute TV show and some cures don't happen. The kids took care of all the details in the end. He was a good guy. Alcoholism is, as Ian always reminds me, a baffling and cunning disease.

So. Had to get that off my chest.

So. I got the answer to my request for early retiremen. It's almost funny in a way since they asked me if I wanted to retire early in the first place. Our director called me today and told me he had to turn my request down - they felt that the expense of my early retirement buyout didn't match my value an employee and so he couldn't approve it. That's the nicest denial I've ever had.

Since I'm going to be working and drawing a full paycheck, and after your comments on shuttles in my last post, I've decided to reward myself for being the diligent valuable employee that I am and buy end-feed shuttles. However, after looking on the Internet today, I realize that there are quite a few to chose from, I sure would like to hear from any end-feed shuttle lovers. I need some advice. These puppies don't come cheap.


MiniKat said...

I've noticed in my profession (paleontology) that alcohol and geology end to go hand in hand. You know it's prevalent when the geologic time scale was hashed out over beers and a game of billiards. My condolences.

One a lighter note, the hats are adorable. Monty Python is always a good thing.

Purple Fuzzy Mittens said...

What a roller coaster of a day! Lots of mixed feelings and lots of coulda-beens and woulda-beens. We must spin together soon. How about Saturday?

vlb5757 said...

That's funny (not in a good way) that you would tie geology and drinking together. I am a chef and many, many chefs have problems with drinking and more than one or even two marriages. I suspect it is the demands of my profession that drives people to drink and causes the failure of their marriages. It's pretty sad. My deceased FIL was a chronic alcoholic. He was a lifer in the Navy. So there again is another profession that has a bad reputation for drinkers. Sometimes things like that just don't make sense. It's just sad.

I do love the hats! I have yet to do two color knitting so those are inspiring!

How lovely that your boss has denied you early retirement. With the economy the way it is, that's a very wonderful thing!!

beadlizard said...

I started an AA meeting for a friend in our little town. I'll tell you the story sometime. Lots of sadness but then he pulled it together and I was so proud of him!

Ian is right, though -- what a huge challenge it is.

Love the hats. Will dig for that shuttle today. --syl

Laura said...

Well, dang - there goes all your spare time!! Ok, get the Schacht, and get the big ones. I have one, and wish I had several. Since I have some old fly shuttles (heavy) that are end feed, I can't justify getting another just yet. But I love using the lighter one, and once you use it, and realize that you'll never have to futz with your selveges again, you'll be hooked...

Jodi said...

Oh Sharon, that sounds like a tough day.

Your hats look lovely, as always, and I hope you're not disappointed about the early retirement thing. In this economy putting away extra money doesn't sound like a bad idea, though.

bspinner said...

Good news - bad news post.
Both of my parents were alcoholics so I know what that's like. After they divorced both got help and spent the rest of their years as recovered alcoholics.
Good news is that your employer thinks so highly of you.
I have two AVL end delivery shuttles. I love them but haven't tried any others. I did notice they sure have gone up in price. I think I only paid $40 a piece for mine and now they are around $80 but still well worth the money.

bspinner said...

I forgot to tell you how much I love the color and pattern in your hats. Cute!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I adore that green and purple hat; those colors are MEANT for each other!

That wake sounds like a surreal event. I can only imagine, having been married only to Rick. My step-brother is an alcoholic who also became a meth addict and is in court-mandated rehab instead of prison for violating parole for a very serious offense. I'm not that close to him, but it sure tears up my parents.

Leigh said...

Congratulations on your rejection. (I think that's the first time I ever told anybody that.) I love the caps. Great color combinations. And please give us a full report about what you learn about end feed shuttles!

Robin said...

Your hats are just wonderful! You make the best hats!