Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This is my dishtowel project. My selvadges discourage me, so I got the idea of looking to YouTube for some weaving demonstrations. I remember Laura Frey saying that you get your selvadges when you get your rhythm. I watched those videos yesterday morning before work, and then tried to apply some of what I saw.

This morning was yet another late work-day schedule, so while eating my breakfast, I browsed through an old weaving magazine. The article I flipped open was by Madeline and addressed none other than selvedges. I about fainted. I don't know that I was eating - article or granola.

I washed up my breakfast dishes and went upstairs to see if what she said worked, and you know what? It pretty much did. I wove for a half hour before the race to work routine kicked in. I am so much closer to an acceptible selvedge. My shoulders ached for quite a while today, but my heart was happy.


Valerie said...

I learned to weave from a shop owner, way back in 1980. She always said that your selveges will improve when you quit fiddling with them. Well, it took maybe 16-17 years, but the improvement also coincided with my purchase of Shacht end feed shuttles.

So for me, at least, I think that I never really understood that how the thread feeds off the bobbin has a lot to do with nice selveges.

Ever consider some gentle yoga for that upper back and shoulders?

The towels are lovely!

Sharon said...

My friend Laura says the same - end-feed shuttles will solve my problem. I'm determined to learn to weave with the shuttles I have, like all the weavers before me. One of the things Madeline said was that tightly and evenly wound bobbins are a must.

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Very nice Sharon, I have to say I'm envious, even of your selvedges :)

beadlizard said...

Pretty! And I'll put in another vote for an end-feed shuttle. I weave more smoothly if I'm listening to music, too. Mozart piano concerti if it's a tricky treadling, something fun like Santana if it's tabby.

Purple Fuzzy Mittens said...

I feel there must be some sort of analogy between the desire for consistent selvedges and one's path through life, but I can't quite work it out.

Leigh said...

Um, Sharon, you're supposed to tell us what you did to get the selvedges looking better! I absolutely love the color combination.

I would love to have some end-feed shuttles, but like you I'm just trying to do the best with what I've got.

Marie said...

I think your weaving looks great. Share what you read while eating breakfast.
Ever think of using a temple?

bspinner said...

I sure do like the colors in your towels! You're not alone. Every weaver has had problems with good selveges.