Thursday, September 16, 2010

Craft Fair Prep

I took my wheel out to the front porch for my morning spinning. It was downright chilly there for a while. I want to finish up the flicked dyed locks, miserable project. I'm not doing this again - spinning should be fun.

Every time I do this I swear that I'll never do it again. I cannot tell you how many times I've sworn that I'd never do this again. These are the last of my locks - and I am NEVER going to do this again, although they do make an interesting skein~
I'm going to use the finished yarn for felted bags at the craft fair in November. I've never done a craft fair before! The locks are miserably felted but the colors are interesting and I'm sure the finished yarn will lend itself well to a bag. Honest. I'm not dying locks again - I always felt them and then they are hateable.

I dyed more skeins today to go with my miserable locks skein. I'm guessing that I have about three felted-bags worth of yarn at this point. I was thinking about the craft fair while I walked the dogs. Like Winnie-the-Pooh, I think think think. It would be really cool to take my wheel to the booth, and if no one loves my stuff, you know they're going to ask about spinning.
We are having an Indian summer and enjoying every minute of it. Our little mini-oasis is still green, inviting and filled with songbirds. Ian grilled turkey burgers and we ate them on the porch, appreciating that last year it had already turned cold at this point.


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Everyone will definitely love your stuff! And they will still ask about spinning :)

Marion B. said...

I love your skeins (and locks :-) The colours are so lovely. People must love those bags at the craft fair. And talking with people about one of the things you like to do most is so much fun. When I am at a craft fair (it's been while though) there were always one ore two men who told me they learned spinning during the war when they were in hiding. People tell wonderful stories at such events.
Have a nice weekend.

Theresa said...

The skeins look wonderful! So beautiful and that miserable yarn, certainly looks pretty. Sorry it is such a pain to spin and kudos for sticking with it. I bet you have a well visited and much enjoyed booth.

Hilary said...

I love to hear that someone else says "I'm never doing this again." I find myself saying that. Like buying a loom that is not put together....said I would never do it.....did it twice this year, both times with disastrous results....I am never doing that again.

Jody said...

I bet you are not very wasteful like me when it comes to fibre. If I didn't like something I probably would have chucked it!

evelynoldroyd said...

Beautiful dyed colours. The bags will be beautiful and sell no doubt. And the spinning will attract people to the booth. Garden looks lovely.

Anonymous said...

I *love* to spin from flicked locks. How are you washing them? I have used my roaster to dye locks before spinning them, and also to just wash them, and I have never had them felt. I just pack them into mesh lingerie washing bags, push them down into the soapy water, and let them cook. When I rinse them, I fill my wash basin with hot water, and just push the bags down into it with a potato masher. I handle them as little as possible, and I've never had a problem with felting.


Benita said...

Beautiful skeins of yarn! I love the colors!

And I'm sorry about the felted locks. Still it is interesting to see that your personality can't just throw them away. :)