Saturday, September 18, 2010

Starting Over

In between Knit Group and Book Group, both which coinci-
dentally met at Walden's Coffee-
house today, Melissa and I ran over to the nearby farmers market. These are from Lattin Farms, one of the historic farms dating back to the Newlands Reclamation Act of 1901. The Paiutes have contested their water claims which divert Truckee River water from its natural end, Pyramid Lake - modern Indian Wars.

These beauties are California grown and yes, I paid $3 for one artichoke. They are having their own water wars and I think water is going to be the equivalent to oil out here in the thirsty West. Read Cadillac Desert by Marc Reiser - important book.
You've heard me say this before, but I grew up on an organic farm, but I get nearly weepy eyed at displays like this. Thanks Dad for giving me this stuff every day when I was a kid!

Meanwhile, Allison told me a long time ago that Darla has impeccable taste. If I'm on the fence about a knitting project, ask Darla and she'd tell me. I knitted on my ugly bag all during Knit Group. We were breaking up to leave when I asked Darla if the bag was as ugly as I thought it was, and she said yes. Penny held it and Darla and I ripped out the two strands and wound them into balls. It is no more.

I bought some of these tomatoes too and I meant to share after I got home, but um, I only have one beefstake left - sorry Ian. It was an accident.
Back at the coffee-
house and before book group, Melissa and I meet Bear who gives high-5s, all 130 pounds of him. She encourages dogs and almost every outside table has a dog in tow. This used to be the best coffeehouse in town and though Melissa has only owned it since March, she is bringing it back and people are responding. She told me that this is her retirement, and I told her that she and I have different ideas about retirement!
When I got home, I pulled two cones of cotton from my stash, sat down on the front porch and began to knit in earnest. Thanks Darla for confirming what I already knew. Handles come tomorrow.


Theresa said...

Oh the new knitting bag looks just perfect as do the veggies! The knitting/reading group day sounds absolutely wonderful and Bear was quite handsome.
Thanks for the book title too!

Life Looms Large said...

Phew! Good call on the bag!!! When I commented last night, I dithered about what to say about it. I just think it's really important to like what you're working on. The new bag looks great!

Those veggies make me hungry!!


Anonymous said...

The veggie bag is much better! What a great gift.

Carolyn said...

Sorry I missed you guys at Waldens. I just got back home late the previous night and was too slow to get there early enough and y'all were gone already. Maybe next time.

Judy said...

What a great heritage you have with growing up on a farm! Bear is so shiny and good looking. I've meant to tell you what a nice job you are doing with your knit veggies! That's a thoughtful gift that will be cherished, for sure.

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I have only been to one fruit veggie stand like that before, I truly wish there was one close.

Hilary said...

I love Darla....and Melissa who lets dogs come to her coffee house must be a marvelous person.
I can't imagine what growing up on an organic farm must have been like, but I bet it was a unique experience.
I grew up with the junk man.

Nina said...

The farmer's market displays are so beautiful. The colours are inspiring! They make me want to do a lot of wool dyeing. I love the new bag for the knitted veggies. It's perfect.

Benita said...

That sounds like a cool coffee shop to go to. I wish there were tea shops around like that.

And I love the dog. You know he enjoys the people as much as the people enjoy him.

Leigh said...

Can you feel the envy emanating from this comment? I would love having a farmers market like yours!