Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Dealing with Moths

So many of you com-
mented on the moth traps that I am making them the subject of this post. Mim suggested I get them a few years ago when I was having so much trouble. She has all her flock sheared every spring and has a whole lot more wool to protect and experience than I.

Originally I purchased clothes moth traps online and you can see them here, but they were pretty pricey and Mim insisted the pantry traps work for her. The only place I've found them locally is at Winco and they're in the same area as moth balls and insect repellent.

The actual trap is on the left side of the photo. It's completely open and the inside surface is sticky like fly paper. You drop a little chip onto the sticky surface and then place the trap in an open area. They say the moths will find the trap when it's placed within 10 feet of the infested source. They make no claims for wool moths but in my experience it does trap them just the same.

I've finished and steeked the yarn bomb. This is my first steek and I think in the future I won't knit bombs in the round. The cut edges look pretty raw. I'm working on a couple of embellishments and hope to get it installed in the next couple of days in time for Valentines Day!


Life Looms Large said...

The yarn bomb is looking good! Are the steeked edges going to be hidden?? The only time I steeked, it was for sleeves of a sweater, so the raggedy edges got sewn and tucked inside.

I wonder if everyone reading this post will now get moth traps. I'm a little tempted.

Can't wait to see the installed yarn bomb!


Alette Siri Ane said...

Can you say what yarn bomb is and what steeking is?I tried to use the translation button,but it did not work.Bomb was bomb

Valerie said...

I want to see the answer to that previous comment. (smile....I've run into my share of odd translations of blogs.)

Is the yarn bomb for your property or in town? What are you going to dress? Love the colors you chose.

Leigh said...

I love your yarn bomb! Love the colors, love the pattern. I take it you didn't think steeking to be much fun. :p

I had pantry moths last year and read that those traps work really well. I didn't buy any then but definitely will this summer.

Laura said...

Did you sew up either side of the center stitch on the machine first? The cut edges, as Sue said, usually are curled inside, so aren't an issue.

How are you going to attach the yarn bomb to it's chosen site? Lacing, sewing? You might want to put some sort of edge on the cut edge, like Icord bind off, just to stabilize it.

I like the colors, too.

I'll have to try traps, as well. I've usually been reactive, rather than proactive, using dry ice and trashbags to kill the little bas***ds.

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I use a flying insect strip, has kept my house moth free for 3 years now.