Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Choose Cuddly

Little Sharon had a project to work on while they were here, just as she did last February. Noah attends Waldorf School and this is when the classrooms create fundraisers for tuition. Last year Sharon was knitting for a farmyard. This year the project is a rug braided from roving.
She got a helper she hadn't bargained on. Sir Charles had to be manually removed - behind closed doors. He became very stimulated by the movements on this project.
I made this bomb while the kids were here and sent it home with them. I asked Little Sharon to install it somewhere in her neighborhood and then send me a picture.
Meanwhile, I got this one up. All the while I was sewing, an occasional bank of snow would slide from the roof. I'm thrilled we all survived. I hope my bomb survives this hibernation period because no one will see it until it's warm enough to go outdoors.

And the forecasters prediction for another foot and a half of snow which I have been in total denial about? I choose cuddly, as being happy by the woodstove. I won't look outside and see that there's already an inch of snow on the deck. It's just an inch - it won't be joined by another 11" just like it, surely.


Leigh said...

Tell Little Sharon that I'm very impressed that her rug is lying flat! I've never made one of these, but I understand that's the hard part, getting it to lay flat. I love how Charlie has claimed the rug too.

Your bomb is great. So cheerful! Hopefully though, you don't get too much snow to set off it's colors.

Theresa said...

Cat's and some fiber's they just get overloaded! Pretty rug, I bet it's soft and cuddly too!
Oh yes, we will be sending you more snow. I swear, it's been snowing every morning when I got out to feed for over a week. Sometimes not a lot, but always some.
I much prefer to be dumped on in one shot than these endless waves of storms. Nice yarn bomb!

Jody said...

Did you say that rug is made from roving? I luv those rugs and would luv to have one big enough to put under my large dining room table. I wonder how durable they are? Where's the instructions? :-)

Nina said...

I love that rug! I know if I had one of those, my cat would claim it as well. I wonder what it is about some cats and wool?
I do love the yarn bombs. They are so pretty.

Waiting patiently for more than a sneak peek off spring. It's snowing here again today too!

Kathy said...

Way to go, Charlie!

And I love "The Bomb". Where did you get the idea for it, Sharon? It sure brightens up blah winter.

And it's great to see L'il Sharon getting busy with the fibers! Start 'em young! :)

Janet said...

Good braiding and good bombing. A joy to see. As Leigh commented - getting a braided rug to lie flat is a major achievement.