Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hunkering Down

So we got close to foot yesterday morning, and then we had blue sky and sunshine for most of the afternoon. The weather here in the high desert Sierra rain-shadow is just nuts and certainly a challenge for the NOAA weather guys.
It started snowing again late in the day and all night, so we awoke to this. You probably can't see the difference but you sure know it if you're the one wielding the snow shovel, and wouldn't you know it, the snow blower is on the fritz.
This is how the front yard looks. I couldn't quite stand in my "usual" spot because there was a foot of snow there. We called a neighbor and had him plow us this afternoon. The temps are frigid and the snow will turn to ice overnight.
I decided this was a perfect day to spend in my studio. The snow makes it extra bright and the rising heat from the woodstove makes it warm and toasty - the best spot on the house.
I decided this was the day to finish weaving the baby blanket. I'm at the point of hem stitching here. I'm getting better at it. It's such a pretty finish and great for a baby blanket so that there's no fringe for a baby to suck on.
These are my remaind-
ers, but if you look at the stripes on the blanket and remaining yarn, you can see that I ran out of royal blue in the last set of stripes. I think Brown Sheep might be having a little quality control issues. I might have been a little off, but I couldn't have been that far off. I needed 15 picks and you can see by the blue on the bobbin that I didn't have more than two or three.

It's supposed to snow 5" tonight and 7" tomorrow. I am so hoping our weather guys were looking in the wrong crystal ball.


Anonymous said...

How amazing, from no snow to a foot! The blanket looks lovely and I hope you can finish it to your satisfaction.

Theresa said...

Oh no, they're looking at the right crystal ball, we're sending more snow your way. I swear it was spring just a few days ago?
The blanket looks amazing! Love it, love it love it!
My Dad the engineer who feels the need to measure and weight everything has commented on just this yardage problem. It's not only with Brown Sheep I assure you. Since I am lazy and have no scale I just get more than I think I need. :)

Valerie said...

When you do the winter weather posts, it always reminds me of the Donner party stories. Not because I think you and Ian will turn cannibal, but as a younger person the story for how they could get stuck in such a storm was beyond my understanding.

We are mostly melted now...just big dirty clumps of snow lying around. But there will be more. It's only Feb.

The blanket is lovely....I clicked for big and didn't notice the missing blue. Am sure baby won't either.

Yeah..yarn put ups are a shot in the dark. Some colors, esp. black and blue often come up short because of the dye. I was short black on the pink and black alpaca scarf I wove in the fall.

Carolyn said...

Yes, a good day to weave. Enjoyed the sunrise on the snow covered hills over there! We are down in a little low spot with trees all around, so we don't see sunrises and sunsets like you. I always enjoy your pictures!

Nina said...

I've found a few cones and tubes of yarn with yardage issues as well. It certainly does make calculating amounts without too much leftovers a challenge! Hopefully your snow will melt quickly.