Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spinning Despair

Our guild meeting was at Bartley Ranch so Allison said she'd come by with her horse, since she's stabled nearby. Amy and Shasta are having a special moment. Shasta is a sweet quarterhorse, the one you wished that you owned. We're meeting in a historic schoolhouse which back in the day would have had a hitching post for Shasta.
Our weather continues to be unseason-
ably nice. I showed Ian this photo and he said, oh - pretty. It shouldn't be, was my response. The forecasters promised us a storm, starting 4:00 today and they didn't deliver.
Many of the folks in my guild own multiple wheels. This is my only one, though I had a couple before it. I've loved spinning on this so much that I've never felt the need to buy something else. Allison, who teaches spinning, noticed a couple of years ago that the wire guides were connecting with the platform on the mother-of-all. She told me that I had a developing problem, but since it only was when I was drawing onto the top part of the bobbin that this happened, I let it slide.
I have logged in hundreds of hours on my wheel. After the second knee surgery following my mountain biking accident I realized that morning running was out of my life forever. I substituted spinning 30 minutes to an hour each morning. It's my zen time before my brain catches up with my body. Look at the wear on the treadles.

My wheel stopped spinning at the guild meeting on Saturday. Marilyn graciously loaned me an antique wheel to tide me over. It spins great but it's not the zen experience I have enjoyed. I starting shopping for replacement wheels and realized that is not even an option. I cannot buy a wheel I haven't tested. Allison told me to bring the wheel in and she'd see if she could determine what would make it work again.
So I dragged my wheel into Jimmy Beans yesterday because Allison was working at the moment. She assessed the situation and got me back to functionality though I think I'm going to have to purchase a replacement mother-of-all. The glued end with the orifice must be moving toward me so that the added washer to create distance and letting the shaft sit at the other end with just the tip in lets me get back to spinning. That probably doesn't make much sense. Laura told me that I needed to email Gordon Lendrum, which I did earlier this evening. I am lucky to have a go-to crew like Allison, Amy and Laura.
Meanwhile, out of sight is not out of mind. I'm still stitching and winding strips for my next rag rug. We've got company coming this weekend so I needed to clean out the dining room, i.e., sewing studio.
I've finished another yarn bomb that I am planning to install on Friday. It's easy to be so elaborate when it's a public but protected environment. The more I read about guerrilla knitting, the more I realize that vandalism and removal have to be expected. I haven't gotten my head around that yet. I emailed Artown, an event that takes place here in July and asked what would happen if we anonymously placed yarn bombs in the downtown park. She responded with this video, saying check it out which you can see here. I now belong to a guerrilla knitting crew and we're trying to decide if this is a nod.


Michelle said...

I bow in awe to you for having "worn out" a wheel! Although I must say that I can't imagine being able to wear out my Louet S10. It's an old one, got it used, and just don't think it COULD wear out - even if I spun as much as you.

Sold my first wheel, an S17, last Sunday, so am down to one wheel now, too. That's plenty for me. And I think I'm finally set with spindles, too. Unfortunately, a good(?) friend helped me choose fabric for an applique quilt wall hanging today. If you hear a big WHOOSH from up north, that will be me falling down another crafty rabbit hole!

Marion B. said...

so sorry about your spinning wheel. I hope the repair doesn't cost to much. New wheels are so expensive, but great to shop for LOL. Yesterday I sold my Louet S45, a pretty small wheel but spinning at my Majacraft Alpaca is the best. So I have only one wheel left. I'm happy with this situation but your story tells me that if this one doesn't spin anymore for one reason or another... I too have a problem.

Hope you hear from Gordon Lendrum soon.

Theresa said...

Oh my, I hope Mr. Lendrum gets back to you soon. Maybe a new set of treadles too? ;) I am so sorry, I know how much you love spinning. Maybe while you wait the sewing machine can stand in?
I too went down to one wheel, just sold my Timbertops
as unbelievable as that seems, I enjoyed my limited time of the Schacht Ladybug much more.
Nice looking horse! I have a couple of those everyone wants to have too and they are literally worth their weight in gold.

Valerie said...

so sorry your beloved wheel is "down". New flyers aren't such a big deal. I should replace the flyer on my Matchless. After 20+ years, there are grooves worn in the wood from fine yarn and they've redesigned the flyer to prevent that.

Maybe throwing the shuttle at the loom can take the place of the wheel for now. Or perhaps working with the spindles?

Jody said...

Wow only one little wheel? I think I am a wheelaholic....I am thinking I might even look for French or Scandy antique wheels when I visit Europe :-)

vlb5757 said...

I love my Lendrum. I don't spin as much as I thought I would but there is a spinning event coming up with my knitting group so maybe that will give me some spinning mojo again.

Melodye said...

I'm also impressed that you wore out your wheel. According to the Ravelry group, he doesn't return emails, but if you call him he'll answer (and help you) the phone. I don't have his number, but someone in the group might.

Theresa said...

Just wanted you to know I nominated you and your wonderful blog for a Stylish award! :) I figured you might need something to do while you wait for wheel parts! ;)

Allison said...

Your new mother of all is at my house! See you Wednesday. Glad I could help and I like the pic of my little horse!