Tuesday, February 08, 2011


I don't know how the rest of you handle laundry, but this is how I do it. Once a week I dump it all into a pile and then sort through the clothes until I have actual loads. I was able to get four loads done before heading into town today for book club, but I woke up quite early thinking about yarn bombs and couldn't go back to sleep.

We had a most interesting discussion on Salmon Rushdie's book Midnight's Children. It received the Booker of Booker Awards. It was a difficult read for all of us. We agreed that we won't rush out to read this author again and also, we will never forget this book. India is a living toothache, so harsh.
Meanwhile, I'm terribly worried about moths. I've seen a couple of late so checked the moth traps from last year and see that they've been successful. I bought $30 worth of moth traps while in town and have set half of them. I'm deciding where to place the other half. These work wonders.
I have finished my bolero and actually the compo-
nents were done quite a while ago. The instructions were to knit the bands separately and then sew them on. I couldn't get them on to where they wouldn't roll up. After the 4th try, I tore them out, picked up 240 stitches and just knitted the bands in garter stitch. Getting the collar onto these bands was interesting, but it's done.
I know it looks like a scalped sweater but it's all the yarn I had and I love it. Oddly it's my favorite - perfect for sitting by the woodstove on a cold night. It warms my arms and neck. My mother had a name for a sweater like this - she called it a shruggie. It does take some shruggng to get it on.
So a yarn bomb is my current interest. I awoke this morning with a fresh idea but after I had knitted a couple of inches, I realized that my fresh ideas were for intarsia, and I was knitting in the round. I figure this is my first yarn bomb so what is, is what it is. I've never done a steek and this will be my first.
And Charlie puts his stamp on my yarn bomb. I'm a little nervous about placing it but my friend Allison says you stop worring about the yarn bomb police after the first couple.
This tree that I saw in Bend last summer in my inspiration. I'm pretty sure it was a collaboration, but I can start with me.


Michelle said...

So are moth traps impregnated with pheromones to attract fiber moths, or are they indiscriminate? Where do you get them? I'd like to be proactive.

Marion B. said...

You look lovely in your new bolero.
And so does the tree..... ;-)

I have the same book of Salmon Rushdie at home but I don't like it at all. I never come to finish the first chapter (I started reading it three times now) Do I decided not to read it.

I'm reading Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood. Like that a lot better.

Have a nice day.

Theresa said...

I didn't even know they HAD moth traps!
Love the shruggie and the bomb looks like it will be the bomb somewhere!
How's the evil pink Jackalope doing? Usually I like Booker awards/mentioned books. Interesting comment about India. What made the book hard to read, content, writing style?

Valerie said...

I love your new bolero!! You look wonderful in it and I love the way the color changes just work together, like geological striations.

IMO Salman Rushdie will never be accused of economy of words. I find his writing to be obtuse. Maybe I could get through the recent children's book he's written, Luke and the Fire of Life, but am not inspired to do so.

I've only seen moth traps for pantry moths, not for clothes moths.

Anonymous said...

The shrug does look like a bolero and is wonderful on you. I have never heard of moth traps for the house either.

Benita said...

I like your shruggie! It covers just the parts that get cold.

When I read the word "moth" I shivered.

Now I understand the concept of a yarn bomb. Looks like fun!

Jodi said...

The bolero looks fabulous! Both the color and the style are great on you.

We keep a 3-compartment laundry sorter in the closet, and we sort our clothes as we take them off (whites - lights - darks). When a compartment gets full-ish, I know it's time to wash a load. Other things go into an auxiliary laundry basket or two (linens/towels/etc.). This system actually works very well for us, and we're not that organized of people!