Saturday, August 27, 2011


All the strips are cut and rolled for the next warp.

The studio is cleaned, the looms are put to bed and pushed back to make room for an queen-sized air mattress.
I've brought down the photo albums to allow for browsing over Labor Day. The problem is that, other than numbering them in sequence, I have no idea what the contents are. My first task was to go through and date the events. Oh, and dust them off.
I wanted to get all photos into albums. Let me qualify that. Several years ago, DIL Missy, a serious scrapbooker told me that the magnetic albums destroy photos by leaching the images into the glue. I painstakingly removed all the photos by slicing them from the glue with dental floss. They've been in a photo box ever since, but last year at the gathering, the box got passed around and my carefully ordered photos were inadvertently rearranged.

I have gone into overdrive to get this accomplished. I ran out of albums and pages yesterday so we decided to do our Costco shopping today so I could get more supplies. I've finished the most important chunks and will deal with the other photos later. I didn't do anything fancy, just pasted them to the pages, typed up captions in Word and glued them in place.

So many of the kids friends from grade school and on will be here this year and I know they will enjoy them. I have 12 albums in all now, and nothing more recent than 2003 when we started keeping a record digitally. The regular photo albums dating from 1995 could use more labeling, but people browsing will know what they're seeing.

The weather has started to change a little, with more humidity bringing in clouds. We had sprinkles this morning which I sat on the deck and knit to.

We had a fabulous sunset this evening, though we're a little concerned about the increase in humidity since a lot of people will be sleeping in tents.

The car is packed and I'll be out of here about 7:00 tomorrow morning. This craft fair is a stab in the dark. It's at a horse show which goes from 8:00-noon, with lunch to follow. We decided to test the waters - can't know if we don't try.

Meanwhile, Michelle just emailed this today of grand godson Solomon. We get to see them next week - they'll be here Saturday!


On the Kindle: Don't Tell Mom I Work on the Rigs: She Thinks I'm a Piano Player in a Whorehouse by Paul Carter

From the Library: Burnt Mountain by Anne Rivers Siddons

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Tina T-P said...

Oh, my, look at that baby use that iPhone - my friends grandson is about 3 & he's just about as good as Solomon! T.