Thursday, August 04, 2011

'Twas a Lovely Day

I was thrilled with how this long-sleeved bolero looked after I finished it. I thought the "desert sunrise' color pathway from Great Balls of Fiber spun up into the suggested colors, but the problem is that I don't apparently wear a long sleeved bolero, ever. It hangs in the closet next to my trip knitting sock-yarn short sleeve cardi which I wear all the time.
It became a repurpose causality.

I decided a short-sleeve cardi is more useful than a closet space hog. It's going to be stripey - oh well.

I've placed the fabrics for my rag rugs to-be on the table and every time I walk through the dining room, I adjust them, trying to decide which ones to use for the next set of placemats.

I asked Ian to pick some pickling cucumbers from the farmers market yesterday while he was picking up tomatoes from the Hmong farm. No one has tomatoes like theirs. We got pickling cucumbers in our CSA basket this week, so I've made refrigerator pickles here, and now I have to decide what to do with rest. Maybe snacks? I also made pesto today as our basil wants to bolt. Yummy aromas on both counts.

As of this evening, I'm leaning towards this group of fabrics in the foreground for the next set of placemats. My stock it low - I really need to make a trip to Mill Ends Fabrics and visit their dollar bin. I get crazy rejects, stuff that didn't get colored across the whole role or maybe a truck drove over - I try to check in about once a month. It's a little under four yards for a set of four placemats and it's kinda satisfying to know that this fabric gets a do-over.

I'm adding this almost as a post-script. I commented on Facebook that I didn't realize it was possible to spend to $62.00 on a bra. I had gone to Macy's for a fitting and walked away happier, but poorer. I was astounded by the comments back, all saying they were great fans of Wacoal, which is the brand I had just been fitted for and had never heard of before. I thought I'd pass that one on.


Evelyn said...

Amazing how fabrics seem to improve when used in a rag rug. The bolero is lovely, too bad it didn't get any use. I like the stripes and the new sweater looks great already!

Marion B. said...

A dollar bin, hmmmm sounds great. And a bra for that amount of money I can only dream of. I mean, mine are always far more expensive...

But I like your fabrics and to bad I don't live nearer because I would buy a set of those place mats. But watching you weaving them and the pictures are a good thing too :-)

Theresa said...

Dollar bins in anything are always interesting and esp. so in a fabric store!

I have never heard of that bra brand either! Must go check it out although I'm not sure I'm ready to spend that amount on underwear. I have good luck with other less expensive brands...

Annie said...

What a pity about that bolero! I really liked the look of it. But you're right: it's a waste if you never wear it. Good luck with it this time!
That dollar bin sounds good, your fabrics look nice.

Benita said...

That's the same brand of bras I wear, and they are worth every penny of the $60 bucks.

I have more fabric to split between you and another person. Give me a week to gather it all and I'll send a box off to you. Evetnually I will be sans extra fabric. You might as well make it useful. Besides, it's nice having the space back.