Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Red Rock Breakfast

Laura was down from Oregon this past weekend. She and Linda share a birthday year and they wanted to celebrate their landmark birthdays together. We decided to have breakfast together out here in Red Rock since she had to drive home this way anyway. We?? Friends already, our friendships really began to deepen as a sheep-to-shawl team at the Conference of Northern California Handweavers. The event was in Grass Valley and one of those days you could fry eggs on the sidewalk. Ian reconnoitered and found a couple of fans for us since we were stuck in a corner of the unairconditioned building. It was so hot that one of the members of another team passed out, and while paramedics attended, the team labored on - a race to the finish, a finish that's another story in itself.
Of course, we want to see all the lambs. Mim had a horrible lambing season and and it appears to be a problem with line breeding. She will use another ram from another line next year. The grass that appears to be above our heads is where the ewe and her blind twins are. There used to be a nice tree in the middle but Mim cut it down. The poor blind lambs figured out the fence, then would dark across the pen and right right into the tree, completely stunning themselves. Finally, she took the tree out.
Their house is a log cabin that they built 25 years ago and is charming. Doesn't it look like all the trucks are pulled up to the feeding station??
Mim's husband Bob is a landscaper and their yard is stunning. Also, in the first picture of the group, Mim is holding JoBeth, their Jack Russell terrier. She alternates between calling him a Jack Russell Terriorist and The Verminator. They don't have rabbits and they don't have squirrels. A lot more grows when you're not feeding rodents. I could almost want a verminator of my own - almost.

This is the view from their front porch and it's the view I fell in love with when I came out here for a spin-in seven years ago. I still feel like I need to pinch myself to be sure it's true that I live out here too now.
The Tapestry Club! Though we've been trying to start since the first of the month, tomorrow is our day, and I have everything in the car. But first we're going to meet Amy at the Nevada Museum of Art for lunch and then see the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit. After that, we'll launch the first session of the Tapestry Club.


Robin said...

Sounds like a wonderfully fun time!!

Mim said...

Oh our house looks so nice in pictures! All of the rain we've been getting the last two weeks makes Nevada look so rich in color.

Happy Camper said...

Who would not want such a lovely view ?? I must tell my friend who is such a crafter about your site, she will be green with envy for the skill and views on this page...