Saturday, May 24, 2008

Springy May

Well, Spring made a liar out of me. The weather has continued to hold and we are still using the wood stove. We are also getting more rain than I can ever remember for a May which in turn is causing the wildflowers to pour it on. The hillsides are literally golden. The weather is so unusual that they had to close Tioga Pass into Yosemite due to snow. Those poor folks at the Strawberry Music Festival!

This is source of the golden hillsides - Mule Ears, a member of the Composite Family. Another never - I have never seen them grow in such thick carpets.
I drove in for grandson Kiernan's Little League game. These are two of his biggest fans, hard core for sure to endure the wind and cold. I left after an hour and Chrissie called me minutes later to say they had just left too. At least it didn't rain during the game.
Kiernan loves baseball - bet you can see that without me telling you. Those coach dads are dedicated and infinitely patient.
I am really enjoying this May and I'm sorry that it's almost over.


Alaska Shetland Shepherd said...

isn't it wonderful to have a wet spring and be rewarded with such beautiful flowers you don't get to see but once in a blue moon there? Love the photos, enjoy the woodstove too - I started ours today too and it was, in many ways, a good cozy feeling to enjoy!

Robin said...

Love your landscape pictures -- so very different from what I'm used to. I've never heard of Mules Ear. Love the golden tint they give the hills. We've had a lot of rain this May, also. Thank goodness -- we were in such a drought. Just hope it lasts/continues through the summer. What a beautiful sunset!!!

Barbara C. said...

Some of the coldest days of my life (aside from one 4th of July in SF) were my sons' little league games in Reno---like a couple had some snow falling.