Thursday, May 08, 2008

To Dye For

Last month I received notice that the Brewery Arts Center Artisans' Store would be closing the end of May for remodeling into a coffee shop. Huh? Like, did you walk or bring your lunch? I'm not sure about the intent, other than the hope to make more money, but it seems incongruous with the Center's goals. I drove down yesterday and retrieved my stuff, which is now on the dining room table. If you look carefully, you will see a feline presence. I haven't decided what to do with all these hats but probably will recycle some into bags.

How about now - do you see a feline presence now? One of our neighbors said she wanted to see the hats as possible Christmas presents. She saw them and ordered five, to be knit hats. I think I'll be phasing out of the hats very soon. It's just that they are such a fun way to use up bits of handspun.
Becky and Mim were here last Saturday for a dye day and this is my loot. It looks like a lot but doesn't even weigh a pound altogether. Mim is the master of producing intended color. I'm afraid I got some surprises this time, but until I spin them, I won't know if I'm pleased or not.

It wasn't our best photo - Ian took several - but I thought it showed our work area. Becky is holding some fruits of our labor, actually her's since those are her skeins. It was a good day and remains a good memory.


Sara said...

What a nice pile of good-looking hats you have there :). And dyeing, so much fun, eh?

Tina T-P said...

Oh, those hats are so pretty - unfortunately I look like a dork in hats - head is too big I guess - my best hat is a sheepskin tie on ear muff/headband that I wouldn't be without.

I got a kick out of your fire truck & ladder story. Hope you have a great weekend! T.

wooly daisy said...

wow! what an awesome bunch of colors you dyed-they are gorgeous and i'm sure they will spin up splendidly!!!i can see your vinegar!!!!!

Robin said...

Those hats are great!! Very pretty! Love the roving. Are you going to spin it up one color at a time or mix them up??