Friday, September 18, 2009

Falling Leaves

I entered my scarf in the fair and received this ribbon. The pattern is Falling Leaves and is in the most recent edition of SpinOff. I happened to be at a retreat about a year and a half ago with Sara Lamb and the other ladies who contributed to the article. They had just started working on this pattern and everyone was knitting different things as a test. Sue was making a shawl from her handspun Corriedale and wrote down the pattern on a piece of notebook paper. Since it hadn't been published, I was sworn to secrecy. This is the third time I have knitted this scarf. I relate to Sara saying that she hasn't gotten bored with knitting this over and over. The results look great and it's not too complicated for me. I don't do much lace.
I thought it would look nice in socks with the Merino I just dyed and spun. I found that Martha Waterman provides instruc-
tions for both knitting in rows and also for knitting in the round in her book Traditional Knitted Shawls & Lace. I love how it looks and tried it on after I turned the heel but found that it the sock is pretty tight. I was worried about the Merino pilling so knitted on size 1 needles. I tried it on again this morning and the truth is that the socks really will have to be frogged. I need trip knitting but reknitting this sock wasn't what I had planned.

There were several questions about soap. I wrote about it here a couple years ago. I have to make two more batches after we get back from vacation so will try to make a tutorial at that time. Yesterday I made Juice Bar and today I made Bar None.
I am pleased with the socks from Noro that I finally finished last week. I was dawdling because I thought they'd feel rough, and frankly, I can't imagine how long single-ply yarn will last in socks, but Noro does sell this as sock yarn. They feel great and don't rub the soles of my feet like some sock yarns. I give it two-thumbs up.
At the beginning of summer I started knitting the Sideways Cardigan designed by Deborah Newton in the Spring/Summer 2008 Vogue Knitting. I finished it several weeks ago but just bought the buttons this week. Even though I made the smallest size, it's a little commodious. Amy suggests that I throw it in the drier and I think I shall. I got stumped but found a Ravelry group for this pattern as well as a KAL. It was fun to knit but I probably would happier if I had used a little nicer grade of cotton.


bspinner said...

Blue ribon and Champion. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

The color way of your Noro socks is great!!!

Your sweater looks wonderful on you!!!

Have fun on your vacation!

Birdsong said...

Grat job on sweater and socks... wish you would come over and join us at the champagne reception for the article, though you now have some fame and recognition of your own for the pattern. Way to go!

Leigh said...

Congratulations on that ribbon! The socks looks great and so do those Noro yarn socks. Have you ever tried to dye yarn in a similar color scheme?

Thanks for the soap link too. I really like your soap mold.

Theresa said...

Congratulations!!! A very deserving piece of work!
Love the Noro socks and thank you for the info. I have held off on trying it since I felt it might be all the things you mentioned.
Enjoy the vacation!

Life Looms Large said...

Congrats on finishing up so much knitting!! Great stuff! And yay - ribbons!!

For me, frogging socks is par for the course. I always have to let a project rest a bit after I frog though!!

The falling leaves pattern looks both beautiful and fun to knit.

Have a great vacation!!! Wish I was as good at finishing stuff up before vacation as you obviously are!


Kathy said...

As my relations would say, you get a solid "Good onya, mate!", Sharon! Well done!
Ooooooo.....warm, merino socks! :) Tonight is the first we've had to have a fire in the woodburner.