Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sissy's Riding Lesson

Our grand-
daughter Elise has been taking riding lessons in Redding, where they live. Ian had arranged for her to get a lesson on Saturday, but DD Margi got caught in Burning Man traffic and arrived at the same time as the tear-drop trailer. Since I can't back up a trailer, I was elected to take Sissy to her riding lesson.
Because we were late, the scheduled teacher had to take her son to his football game. The lesson would be with Lynn Lloyd, hunt master and rancher, but we'd have to wait a bit. There is plenty of entertainment as Sissy and DIL Missy discovered.
Missy was stunned to realize that many of the horses are bigger than she is, and there are many horses. Sissy will be riding Stanley, an old swayback horse that still works and earns his keep.
Sis will be riding English and learning to post in this lesson. Lynn wraps Sissy's legs to prevent chafing and irritation from the up-and-down motion during posting. Take a look at this tack room!
Elise is only 10-years old and has only been riding in an arena and for a matter of months. As the time came close for her mount, apprehension was written all over her face. I wasn't worried. My now retired dentist used to bring her girls out here for riding lessons.
Lynn handed Sis off to Missy to lead out while she got her own horse ready. I think she looks great in the saddle - an absolute natural. And I apologize for this being a longer post than usual, but I am just so proud of the way Elise handled herself.
And off they ride into the sunset - well, not quite. They ride off into the desert for an hour-long trail ride - just Lynn and Sissy. She was excited, tense, scare and excited - and trusting.
An hour later, they're back and Sis is grinning from ear to ear. I hope you can see it. Stanley's head got in the way her head as she went by me, so I only have the image of her happy face in my memory. She did great and she loves Lynn - wants to come back for a week of horse camp.

Two hours later we arrived back at the camp, just in time for the horseshoes tournament. They had already played one round so we had to play two, back to back. Two hours later.....


Life Looms Large said...

What a great riding lesson!! Glad she really liked it....and wanting to come back for a week of horse camp sounds like she definitely did!!

I love the colors of the sage and the ground out there! So different from the colors around here!

Awesome documentation of an awesome experience!!


Theresa said...

I want to come for a week of horse camp too! And Stanley, swaybacked( lordosis) and all, is a real trooper for taking on the beginner's. It takes a special horse. It's so wonderful when learning to ride the experiences are all good.
Thank you for sharing with us all.
PS: I want to know when Sissy finally finagles her own horse. Watch out, it's coming. :-)

Birdsong said...

What a great memory! I think your camp beats out Burning Man any day.

Kathy said...

This sure brings back memories. It's nice to read about Stanley earning his oats with the beginners. I'm glad they see that he's a gem worth having around. :)

beadlizard said...

I went to horse camp between fifth and sixth grades, over in Comptche. It was the high point of my youth.

Elise's posture is gorgeous. What a seat!

bspinner said...

I'm so glad she like her lesson. She does look beautiful in the saddle!!!

Terrific pictures!!!!