Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Grandsons in Sports

I wasn't able to go to the fair last Saturday and see the handspun/
woven judging because all three of our grandsons had games. None overlapped, so we were able to see them all. This is five-year-old Evan's team in the blue, the Sea Monsters. They only field three on a team, which makes so much more than sense, but even so they end up kicking each other's shin guards.

The games are mercifully only 30 minutes long and this is a half-time carbo-loading break with Ritz crackers.

Then we were off to 10-year-
old Kiernan's football game, where there were as many cheer-
leaders as ball players. The Sierra Youth Football League is attached to high schools as a kind of feeder program, so this is Wooster High School and Kiernan's team are the Colt Freshmen.
It's super hot and Kiernan (#38) is clearly not having the time of his life. We are all sitting under umbrellas in an attempt to dodge the heat.

Lexie Lu has a bag of grapes and cherries which she has graciously offered to share with me. She started kindergarten on Monday
After a quick lunch at In-n-Out Burger, the only fast food I will eat and the first time this year, we moved on to 9-year-old Logan's soccer game. His team are the Green Virus. I don't know - I didn't ask.
Logan absolutely loves this game, and I have to say that it's a heck of a lot easier and more comfortable to watch than the American form of the sport.
We left here at 8:45 and got home at 3:30. The weather couldn't have been better, and we got to spend relaxed, easy time with our families. It was almost like a holiday but without the presents.


bspinner said...

Looks like you had a fun day with your grandchildren. Aren't families great?

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

What a great day! We did miss you at the fair, but you had better things to do :)

Life Looms Large said...

Great team names!!!

Sounds like a fun day....worth missing a fair for!


Theresa said...

Gosh, I'm tired just reading about the sports day!
I like my sports from an armchair, beer in hand. :-)
But how great you got to see all three boys play in fell swoop.

Birdsong said...

Doncha just love watching them! I think they look like little herds chasing the ball around the field. Nikki's little stepson is busy with soccer too, so games after Labor Day will be big uses of Saturdays.

Leigh said...

Oh, gosh. These photos bring back some good memories, of my own DS's sports days. I've sat at many a football, baseball, basketball, and soccer game, being an unofficial photographer. I loved every minute of it. It will probably be awhile, but perhaps eventually I can do it again with my own grandsons (assuming I ever have any!)

Beryl Moody said...

How great that you can be there to watch and share their joy and enthusiasm. It's great when getting out and playing a game is simply that and nothing more.