Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hats Again

Going back to my oven-dyed rovings, I want to show you how they worked up. The two rovings on the left are Corriedale top and the two on the right are Merino top. The Merino is for socks.

I made this hat from the pink and purple roving and was very surprised at how much color it had. I had expected a more pale yarn, based on how the color appeared while I was spinning it.
The darkest of the four rovings was much more complex and struck me as perhaps a good yarn for a man's hat. I'm guessing since most of the hats that I've knit for the men in my family are natural colored wools - their request.
I waited too late today to get good light for the hat that it made. The contrast of the corrugated ribbing is lost, but I still think it's a good hat. I have one more hat to go, and then I'll put them in the mail to the Brewery Arts Center.
John's parents brought all of us gifts - an insane amount of gifts. Karen said that she saw from my blog that I like dishtowels and brought this one with historic buildings from Deerfield, Massachusetts where they live. I do love dishtowels and historic architecture as been as an interest of mine since high school.
It was kinda embarrassing but DD Chrissie marched Karen into our water closet to see this poster that hangs across from the john. I bought this in the Renwick gift shop in D.C. and hand carried it on the plane home to ensure it wouldn't get crushed. As I have said before, our house isn't decorated, but our walls are adorned. Every image in our bathroom is of architecture. I love the towel - she nailed it.
Do you know what's inside of here? The suspense is killing me, but I can't peek until tomorrow afternoon.


beadlizard said...

My brother just brought me a maple leaf printed linen towel from Montreal that I love. Tea towels are the best! John's parents sure seem to be kindred spirits. DH has enjoyed your John posts as much as I -- we're so glad for you all.

Your hats are beautiful. The corrugated ribbing may be low contrast and not look the way you'd prefer, but it has such a different (IMO better) fit and thickness from 1-strand ribbing that I think you did the right thing. Can't wait to see it. --syl

Theresa said...

Oh my they live in Deerfield, how wonderful! It's a beautiful place.
The hats are lovely but my favorite is the second one with the fancy ribbing you can't see. The colors are so pretty.
No idea what's under the quilt, we'll all be waiting to hear though.

Valerie said...

Love the favorite is the second one.

Haven't a clue what's under the quilt. What's special about tomorrow afternoon?

Life Looms Large said...

The hats are beautiful. I think the second hat would look good on men or women. It even looks good on a glass head!

The suspense of what's under the sheet is killing me....but I think there's another post from you, so maybe I don't have to be curious for too long!


vlb5757 said...

I love your hats! They are just so cute and I am sure they will sell. You do such lovely work.