Monday, September 28, 2009

Woodland Woolworks

We left my sister-in-law Georg and Wash-
ington this morning right after breakfast. Ian was agreeable to a detour to Woodland Woolworks and I was thrilled. I have bought from them as long as I have I have been a buyer, but I can tell you that you have to want to get here because it's just about no where and at the end of the road around a corner and at a dead-end. And after that you have to figure out how to get someplace.

Michelle and I had talked about hooking up at Oregon Flock and Fiber but I opted out, not wanting to lose a day with Georg. Michelle gave me her cell and told me give her call - she'd try to meet me here. She and I have been blog buddies and email friends for a couple of years and I really hoped something would click but Ian and I were on a short timeline.

We went in, looked around, got an orientation by one of the staff and I realized I was over my head and totally starving. Our breakfast had been light and I suddenly realized that it was past lunch and I couldn't make a reliable decision.

The show-
rooms were full of everything that I wanted, and I wanted it all. We needed to eat. I needed to eat. It being Monday in a small town, the staff directed us to the one and only place open for lunch - The Filling Station. It's an old gas station, now restaurant. We filled up.
We weren't back long from lunch when the front door burst open and in strode Michelle. I knew her instantly and it was a hug long overdue. I was trying to calculate yarn to weave along with my handspun - I think that's this discussion. I love the staff. It would be expensive to live any closer than I do.
We snagged the staff for a photo. It's Debbie, Michelle, me, Paula and Wanda. I am in awe of these women. They do what they love. I regret that Ian didn't catch a photo of Michelle's son Brian as he played the violin for us. He was an absolute treasure, carefully playing his lesson, trills and all, and upon applause, he rewarded us with a beatific smile. I spent a lot of money but the experience was priceless - really. To see Brian you have to go here. Next destination - Bend, Oregon.


Hilary said...

OOH....I love finding places like this.......heaven on earth, eh???

Lee said...

What a wonderful place and what serendipity!

I love getting Woodland's catalogs and can only imagine how overwhelming the place must be in person.

bspinner said...

Wow!!! I'm so jealous!!!! What a great store. I would so overwhelmed with all the yarn, books and equipment.

Blogging is so much fun especially when you actually get to meet a fellow blogger. So happy you and Michelle got to meet. Looks like you two had a nice visit.

Benita said...

Woodland Woolworks was where I bought my Lendrum folding wheel, and nicer people you've never met. They bent over backwards helping with shipping, accessories, and threw in a WW bag and 2 pounds of the most gorgeous Targhee spinning fiber.

BTW, I am passing on the Honest Scrap award to you because I just love reading your blog. You can get the banner and details off my blog.

beadlizard said...


Love the photos.

Very glad to see that Charlie and Melba's legacy is thriving.

Diane said...

It was wonderful getting to meet you! I'll be watching for a pic of the scarf you were planning to weave with your lovely handspun!

Leigh said...

Thanks for the photos! I buy from WW occasionally and enjoyed seeing the place.

Life Looms Large said...

Great stop on your trip...meeting another blogger & yarn shopping at one place!

I definitely related to that "too tired, too hungry, too overwhelmed" feeling in yarn stores when I travel. Sounds like you solved those problems quite well though!!

Have fun!