Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our Second Destination

We're at The Farm on Greys River for several days, visiting my sister-in-law. My brother died two years ago so we try to get up once a year, just to stay in touch. The weather has been lovely and we've had such a nice visit.

They remodeled the 100-year-
old bungalow, attached the bunk house and created a B&B. Bob developed a flock of sheep and goats to "mow" the grounds, and he also landscaped the yard. Georg still runs a summer gift shop in the barn, which was built in 1926 and is a registered historical barn.
Georg and I kept chasing the sun and finally ended up in the yard. It was only warm in the sun and I figure this was my last day to wear shorts in 2009. When you only have a couple of days to do a years worth of visiting, you just have to cram it all in, the best you can.
Here are the mowing machines. She uses electric fences to allow them access to two pastures, which they keep well groomed. Her locker lambs have been a welcome additional source of income and do quite well for her. She just had a dozen put down and will take delivery tomorrow. She sells them quite readily and has just acquired a Romney ewe, hoping to bring up the size of her lambs.
The Greys River is absolutely gorgeous at high tide. It's also a deadly river and the year after they bought the place, a 100-year flood completely demolished the house. They had it elevated to above flood level and had to completely gut the interior in order to make it habitable. During the flood last year the water was lapping at the top step and deck. She lost four sheep and a couple of chickens, just washed away.
Bob planted all the trees as twigs so it astounds me at how huge they are now - it's a park!

Today we are going back to Astoria to eat at the fish market. Ian and I ate there on our way here, where I had the best grilled oysters that I have ever had. I'm thinking about crab patties today.

We leave in the morning and will stop at Woodland Woolworks, on our way to our third destination, Bend, Oregon.


Life Looms Large said...

What a lovely spot! Hope you enjoyed your visit.

I like that you have a yarn stop built into your itinerary!!

Have fun!


bspinner said...

What a cozzy home!!! Nice warm day, good friends, cold beer in a lovely location. Doesn't get any better. Glad you're enjoying your vacation.

Tina T-P said...

Ha - there is no such thing as a "best fried oyster" -

You snagged the best-last weekend of the summer - glad you had a good time - travel safely home! T.