Sunday, January 10, 2010


Yup, you got that right. Si, eso si que es. And if you say that outloud, it sounds like socks, which is exactly what I'm dealing with today. It's a horrible, no good, very bad sock day. I finished my second pair from Noro because I like the way the first pair feels. However, there were two breaks in the yarn at the instep of the bottom sock and it threw the color sequence off. I think I'm going to reknit one of them so they look a little more like a pair.

I'm also knitting a second pair of Falling Leaf socks from 19 micron Merino that I dyed and spun. I love the first pair - they are my favorites. I realized that when I got to the instep, I added a stitch on one side, but didn't decrease a stitch on the other side of the pattern so gained about 10 stitches by the time I caught on. Another rip out, do over.
I knit these socks about a year ago from Knit Picks superwash. They're soft and don't abrade the sole of my foot when I walk. I wear them often. I've thinking about what pattern I will use for DIL Missy's socks and when I looked more closely at these, I realized that I changed patterns between socks.
I think you might be able to see it better here. The left sock is Double Eyelet Rib and the right one is Little Arrow-
head. Both patterns are from a Harmony Guide and I have used both several times in socks. I cannot imagine how I managed to change patterns from one sock to the next. Pretty crazy.


Leigh said...

Your socks are inspirational! I need to get knitting on my lonely pair. Too bad about the Noro yarn. Not too sure I'd claim it as a design element, I'd probably just enjoy wearing them in regular shoes.

Birdsong said...

You are a sock-knitting machine! I have heard that is one of the problems with the Noro.. not nec as well-constructed in yarn structure as the effort they put into dyeing..

Maggie said...

I completely agree about Noro: I have a pair of mismatched socks about to finish, but I love the colors and the feel of the yarn, anyway. I love the eso si que es...

Laura said...

Who said socks have to match? Your noro socks will match up above shoes (where the public might happen to see them, should you care); I actually like the idea of close-but-not-quite lace - keeps people guessing!!

Life Looms Large said...

I've had bad hair days (and bad sock days now that I think of it!)

Don't be scaring me with the Noro. I have a ball of thicker Noro next to me just waiting for me to cast on. I'm hoping to make felted slippers....and I really need them. Although I'm OK with them not totally matching. (Mostly OK at least).

The lace sock cracks me up. That is so something I would do....well, if I knit socks!

Stay warm!

Liz said...

Your socks are coordinated, not matching. Much more fashionable! I loved the one pair of Noro socks I knit, really comfy-cozy.

Thanks for dropping in over at the Teashanty. Did you enjoy the bellydancing over at Teribus?

patchwork said...

Very nicely knit...the sicks look very nice.I also like the handwoven fabric that you have created in blue and white.