Friday, January 29, 2010

Female Bonding Day

The golf ball as core turned out to be a slick idea. They wound up easily while we watched Project Runway. I'm glad that Ian is as fascinated by it as I am. I can't explain why we both enjoy this show so much. It's almost embarrassing.

Last night I was thinking about putting a warp on Maudie Mae for these rag strips. That changed today when my Webs order came today. I need to put on a warp for dishtowels instead. The dishtowels have a birthday deadline. The placemats are on my DIL's wish list. Either way, I'm thrilled to have projects in the wings.
Today, however, was spent thrifting. I left here at 9:00 and got home at 7:30. DD Chrissie, her longtime friend Mary and I dedicated the day to thrift stores. I didn't think it was possible to do it for a full day, but with a Ethiopian lunch in the middle, we were pushed for time. We only hit two thrift stores and one consignment store and are already talking about "next time."
I had to buy this thingie. It took Mary and me about five minutes to sort out the parts and get it on me, all the while giggling like school girls. I am a very bright and happy vampire, coming to suck your blood. Worst case, it could be rag rug strips, but I'm thinking Halloween costume.
We collected Lexie Lu from school and she got to spend the last store with us. This is her favorite thing, and the jewel in the middle lights up. We wound up the day at Cold Stone Creamery which was dinner for me and yet an hour from home. The best chick day ever.


Purple Fuzzy Mittens said...

I'd cut the thingy up and make a big floor pillow.

Life Looms Large said...

Glad the winding is going well. Sounds like a soothing pastime at least!

A WEBS order!! Too cool! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it!

Good thrift shop find!! Interesting fabric too. I think it looks like some kind of butterfly from afar.

Ice cream dinner. Perfection!


beadlizard said...

Love the golf ball balls! Wow. I had no idea they would work so well.

Very glad to see you enjoying your retirement. Your photos of the princess always make me smile. I miss the years mine traipsed about in a tiara...

bspinner said...

My favorite thing - thift store shopping. I love the "whatever" you bought. You should wear it and see how many people turn around and take a second look at you. COOL!

Leigh said...

What a great wrap! I wouldn't have been able to resist it either.