Thursday, January 28, 2010

What's Up

I went over to Mim's yesterday for eggs and a visit. I love how beautiful fresh eggs are and they taste as good as they look. I'm using them a little more quickly now that I'm making Ian's chocolate chip cookies. They're cheaper to bake and have better ingredients. I have a line on palm shortening - will know in a couple of weeks.
I came home with this beautiful alpaca fleece. She said she's cleaning her studio, making more room and has decided she's done working with this fiber. I gladly took it off her hands. She has so many sheep that she is literally drowning in fleece.
The first baby blanket is about half done and I'm can't make the second until my yarn gets here. I've ordered blue weft since I know the gender of the baby. Charlie is thrilled that I've stopped working since that means he get so keep his place in the sun.
In the meantime, I've turned my attention to preparing the strips for DIL Missy's rag rug placemats. I was done making the strips in short order with the rotary cutter and mat, and thanks to Sue's directions, the strips are sewn and ready to wind into balls. Golf balls? What are they doing in this picture?? Ian found them at one of the abandoned houses and I'm going to try using them as a core to wind the strips on. Getting them formed into a ball is the hardest part. Each golf ball weighs 1.6 oz. I plan to wind them tonight while I watch Project Runway.

My woodworking friend Dale came out today to see my shuttles and spindles. He wasn't enthusiastic about shuttles and he explained why. Spindles,on the other hand, he fell in love with. He's going to take another look at the link I sent him for Ken Ledbetter's spindles. When he left, his mind churning with possabilities. Amy and I are going to visit his studio next month with her spindle collection. I only have three.


Benita said...

That's a great idea to use the golf balls - I agree that starting the ball is the hardest part.

Ahhh... A nice sunny spot for the sun-loving cat. I can see why weaving does work for sun-worshipping. :)

Mmmmm! Chocolate chip cookies!

Birdsong said...

I hope that the golf balls worke! I have been happy to get eggs all winter, but Mim's look cleaner... need to train Glenn to wash them as well as I do.

Life Looms Large said...

I'm knitting with alpaca these days. I just love it. You'll be able to do amazing things with it I'm sure with your combo of dyeing, spinning, knitting and weaving know-how.

Interesting idea about the golf balls. I can be mesmerized into doing all kinds of repetitive and boring things while watching TV. Good luck with your winding!!

Cookies? Did some one say cookies? I second the yum!