Friday, March 19, 2010

Colors of March from Big Sky Country

Sue at Life Looms Large has called for the colors of the month. An old growth juniper against the Sierra Nevada.

Marking the entry for Joe Winter Pottery.

Marking the entry for an abandoned property, someone whose hopes were not realized.

Early Spring stream, runoff from high desert springs and snow melt.

On occasion, a steam forms into a pond, not big enough for fish but big enough to reflect the big sky.

Tinder dry old sagebrush, highly flammable and a huge wildfire risk, but also great kindling for the wood stove.
Big Sky Country.


LA said...

There's nothing quite like the sky out west....your pictures capture it so beautifully.

Theresa said...

Great pictures! We've enjoyed blue skies this week too.
Not quite as big though. :-)

Life Looms Large said...

Great pictures! I'm surprised to see so much water there, and your constant reminder of snow on the mountains.

I love that juniper picture!!

Thanks for joining the fun!


bspinner said...

The photos are lovely!!!! If I had a favorite I think it might be the blue shy.

Carolyn said...

Beautiful - paintable - great photography!

Annie said...

Lovely photos! Your country is so different from ours - it's great to be able to see all these pictures!

Leigh said...

Beautiful photos! The colors are subtle but glorious in their own way. Well done.

Sara said...

Very pretty photos! I enjoy seeing other parts of our great country.