Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vegetables are Fiber

I dyed some white Patton's superwash Merino the other day. I've had this at least 12 years, purchased from Diane Soucy's stash sale. (I have to say that my stash, along with my animals were all previously owned.) Somewhere along the lines, the moths munched on it, so vegetables is the a perfect use. My dye liquors are at least five years old and when I tried to make the colors I wanted from the formulas I have, I found out why you can't keep the solutions this long. I kept having to make "adjustments." The green is for limes. You'll just have to pretend.
Ian and babysat this weekend. I know they're not babies anymore, but use that for lack of a better term. Kiernan has decided to grow his man hair and even though I was a child of the 60's - okay, the 70's, I don't get this. He is passionate about Legos and was completely absorbed with the set of wheels and gears we got for him.

I finished some carrots for Lexie's play kitchen while they were here. These are really fun to make. Little Sharon sent me the patterns but in looking around, I think she got them from Peachcake Knits. She has a lot of patterns on Ravelry and they're also on her blog. If you're interested, clink on her link for her patterns.
Alexia brought all her pretty ponies in their special roller bag and played for hours, doing all the voices for all their fantasy conversations. The one that made us laugh was, "Heather, you are grounded for two weeks." Notice what's on the floor behind her, already part of the play.

She's so excited about these. She asked me where I got the idea because they are very cool. I told her she can't take them home until I finish the set and make a bag for them. I've since divided my patterns into two classes: fruits and veggies. In the future, I'll just knit one set at a time. I think my grand-niece is in line for the next set. She turns two in September.


Michelle said...

"Man hair." That made me laugh!

Theresa said...

I had Breyer horses as a kid growing up, no pretty ponies with hair, but if I did, I would want a stable just like Lexie's, complete with carrots.
The fruits and veggies look great.

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

I might have to get the patterns from you if I can, I have one up and coming too :)

Lee said...

My nephew grows his hair, too. I suspect there is a control thing going on -- in Isaac's case, I think he knows that it drives his parents a little nuts, but they aren't going to force him to cut it. I've always thought that if I had kids I would not ever interfere with their sartorial choices, but I couldn't promise not to laugh at them.

Robin said...

I love the vegetables!! What patterns are you using?

Leigh said...

These are so cute! Fun to play with as well as fun to make.

Sue said...

The carrots are great!!! Love them!