Thursday, April 08, 2010

And so~

I took this picture on my dog walk this morning. It's Sage Creek. You have to use your imagination, but there is a creek bed there - in which the only thing is sagebrush. It's also where my son found two arrowheads.

Before I leave color theory behind, I want to share this from Sylvia - her husband said, "The smack dab center of the visible light spectrum is the center of the light emitted by our local star, the Sun. Natural selection has selected creatures that see best at the local star's peak emission frequency." She said he added that red is a lower frequency than blue, thus we need more receptors for red than blue - he really liked the bit about the red and blue threads not yielding the expected mix.

I want to know more and when I Googled optical light mixing, found all kinds of opportunities to take expensive classes. For now, I'm going to step away from this subject, but I'll be back. Oh, and before I forget - LA asked me if I enjoyed making the placemats. I have to say that I did not. But that's because I was at sea the whole time during that project. The results were even better than the photos. Now that I understand what I did, I look forward to the next project and will certainly employ the use of the back of front of fabrics to create shades.
Before I do more rags, my daughter's birthday is in two weeks so this is the warp that I've wound for her towels. She's a pretty wild and crazy gal so I think my first weft will be black. I'm toying with Rosepath threading but any suggestions are welcome.

She told me today that Alexia's kindergarten has employed the "collection" of knitted fruits and vegetables into the current curriculum. Apparently they're alphabetizing them and next will evaluate their food properties. Wow! And the teacher asked if I would be willing to show the class how to make a sweater from a sheep. Is that the coolest opportunity, or what?! And we'll do it on DD's birthday - even better.
As for knitting, I've promised my niece Nancy two scarves for a breast cancer fund raiser this summer. She's on her board of directors, and while I'm not sure I understand what she does, I know she's engaged in fund raising in the Walk for a Cure. She said she could use two scarves, so this is the first one and I'm spinning for the second. Pink!!

And then there's the new piece of art with my NCAA pool winnings - I just knocked a print off the wall with the ironing board and broke the glass. It was one of Ian's mother's collection - a Kaoru Kawano print. Many years ago Alice was enrolled in a print-of the-quarter thing with a NYC gallery, so we have some odd-ball but cool prints. The frame was the original cheesy gallery frame, so the obvious was that this would have to be reframed. I took it in and will get it back in a couple of weeks. Enter and exit my winnings and more - and more, since we realize that the others probably need archival frames as well. Sigh


LA said...

I LOVE working with can get so many different effects! Or, maybe it's because I have so much fabric stashed away that I need to use up! LOL Anyway, your placemats turned out very nice! And, I love it that your knitted produce has become a whole class learning opportunity!

Theresa said...

Sounds like the knitted produce is a big hit! Have fun with the kids on Alexia's special day!
Love the color of the new towel warp and can't wait to see what you come up with as far as weft colors.
I knew that about red and blue, it also relates to color blindness, people without the enough certain receptors can't see certain colors I believe.
Great pink for those scarves and the pattern looks really nice.
Happy weaving, knitting and spinning!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Love the looks of that scarf, you do such wonderful work!
Color theory leaves me dizzy, but its neat reading about your experiences.

beadlizard said...

That pink scarf is going to steal the show!

Very glad the produce is such a hit at school.

charlotte said...

The scarf is lovely! The photo of the sage creek is very interesting, do you know why only sage is growing there? Do you use the sage as a herb in food or tea?