Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Morning After

This is the roving that Lindsey dyed on Saturday. She came with a photo and wanted to create those same colors. You can see more about it at Sara's blog here. Sue called this color pathway "squadgy" but I think it needs a nicer name.

I was in a hardcore crowd. Lindsey moved onto sampling and when she had enough on three bobbins, she tossed them into a bucket and started plying. When one bobbin ran out, then it was two-ply. You could hear her plying from the barn. I completely missed the squadgey train but I want on board.
Yesterday, I spent the day reading a book, resting up from dye day. This morning I stumbled into the kitchen to see this box on the counter. Ian takes the dogs to pick up the yesterday's mail. He asked me if I knew it was coming and I said no.
It was from Kathy. Ian was ticked because Kathy had messaged him on Facebook for our address. Co-conspirators! I didn't realize how much I had blathered on about needing a black fleece, until I opened the box. Sheep fleece can't get much blacker than this. I've started sampling - waiting for the rest of the locks to dry. It's from her wether Sven who was mauled in the marauding dogs attack. She apologized that one shoulder of the fleece was missing. I am speechless, and that doesn't happen very often.
These are my results from the dye day. I am yet and still stuck in the purple, green and gold mindset. Since they're close and combined are 12 ounces, I'll probably try to spin them into a single result. Next year.

As for the book I read yesterday, I don't often recommend chic lit, but I have come to appreciate Claire Cook, author of Must Love Dogs, now a movie. I didn't see the movie, but I have read all her books, actually to my surprise. Yesterday I read Wildwater Walking Club. The author walked 10,000 steps a day while writing this book, but more importantly, she asked the question - Who are you? and do not spout your resume. Oh, and she's very funny.


Michelle said...

That Kathy is a dear! I have been on the receiving end of her kindness before, so I know. :-)

I think your dye day results are fab.

Theresa said...

What a lovely surprise! And it truly is black. Great results from dye day. Love the crimpy look of the fiber. A day spent reading a book sounds heavenly!
I guess I'll get to do that on the plane tomorrow, but it isn't as fun as it sounds there.

LA said...

I have to admit, I've never gotten a fleece in the mail! LOL! But, what a nice surprise...and you'll enjoy spinning that yarn even more...it's already filled with kindness.

Valerie said...

Mmm...ba ba black sheep...(I don't need to ask the question that follows!)

Gosh you are so-o-o-o busy! The dyed locks look scrumptious. Will they really have to wait until next year to become yarn!

Funny how we get stuck in a color spectrum. Mine on the side of the color wheel that runs from blue-green through the blues, purples, then to the bluish pinks.

Kathy said...

Just trying to keep you busy and off the streets, Sharon. heeheehee

Glad you like it...I will tell Sven you approve. :)

bspinner said...

Wow, lucky you!!! Beautiful black fleece!!

I love your dye samples. You must have had a great time.