Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Finishing Things

I finally finished Kiernan's hat. I ended up purling the first two rows of the cable cast-on. The ribbing behaves well when it's on a normal sized head. One friend suggestion that I think about Elizabeth Zimmerman's recommendation to reduce garter stitch ribbing by 10% of the body of work. I would have done that next, were this not successful. I used alpaca this time - a first for a hat. Now I can no longer say I don't like to knit with alpaca, because it makes an awesome hat that will also be very warm.
I'm using a technique that Sara Lamb suggested in her SpinOff article on the falling leaves shawl. She said that you get a nice cable effect on the edge if you slip the first stitch of every row and purl the last stitch of every row. I think it gives it a nice finish.
This sweater was actually finished during NCAA March Madness but I didn't care for it and had decided to donate it to the guild while elephant sale. However, I find myself wearing it quite a lot, so I've decided it must mean I like it after all. I used the Vogue Knitting instructions for a sweater-in-the-round but just made the neckline bigger. I've come to realize that I don't like tight necks or long sleeves.
We are beginning to get a little sun in between the clouds and I couldn't resist this shot last night.

I'm disappointed that I won't be able to finish my daughter's dish towels in time for her birthday next week. I hurt my back yesterday, moving tables and getting the room ready for the library book club. We had 15 people, which is the largest group we have ever had. The book was A Prayer for Owen Meany and I suspect a number of people came because of that. Since it is a library program, we seem to get new people all the time. I don't know if a group can be effective and satisfying if it stays at this size, and it's pretty difficult to facilitate.

I recently finished While I'm Falling by Laura Moriarty. I read her first book twice but skipped her second due to mixed reviews. I loved this one, a story of how tenuous our security is and how quickly a change in circumstances can take away our safety net. Veronica is a dorm resident assistant in Kansas, in love with her boyfriend and with a supportive family living nearby. Divorce suddenly turns the family upside down, and when her boyfriend asks her to move in with him, she declines because if the relationship fails, she'll have nowhere to live. She no longer knows what she wants, her happiness seems to be slipping away, and her mother appears to be cracking up. Moriarty doesn't suddenly tie up the story with a happy ending but it ends well nevertheless. I always love a character-driven story and especially one that has a plot. This book met my expectations.


Kim said...

No no Sharon, you mustn't wear that sweater, it won't do at all. I will save you from a terrible fox paws and you can send it to me and I will find some deserving person who won't mind too much... oh I know, I will wear it! Yes, that is it, I will wear it. See, the perfect solution! Seriously, it looks wonderful, don't let it go, unless of course you do send it to me! zi it quite the perfect looking jumper on you! By the by, how many bars of soap in a batch? I would love to take a bunch out to my friends where I camp in August... that fruit bar is fabulous!

marion said...

O yes, that green sweather looks perfect on you. Maybe because I like green, and it is a higly fashionable colour this season but the main reason; you look great wearing that sweather.

I never heard of the books you are reading now, but he, I live at the other side of the world.....
I'm reading; eating animals from Jonathan Safran Foer. Brr, you never want to eat chicken again.But I like his style of writing.

Sorry to hear about your back and the not finishing the towels. I hope it will get better soon.

Theresa said...

The sweater looks wonderful and it's a lovely color.
Can't help but love the hat. It looks warm and cozy.
I'll have to check that author out. 15 does seem like a lot for a book group. Hope your back is feeling better.
I screwed up my neck and shoulder lobbing hay so I truly can feel your pain. Nice weather would go a long way to making me feel at least a little brighter!

Jody said...

That sweater looks good on you Sharon! Your hat is nice too.
I luv knitting with my handspun fact I rarely knit with anything else.

Helena West said...

I'm so glad because I found this blog. I'm also like yours, who loves knitting,crocheting and stitching . I wanna learn something from you guys. Anyway Kiernan's hat looks great.

beadlizard said...

Great hat! Alpaca definitely has its place. I'm knitting alpaca/silk shawls right now and it's a dream to work with as long as I do what it tells me(!).

You look comfortable in the green sweater -- isn't that proof of the pudding? Totally agree about the open neck!

Benita said...

I am very sorry to hear about your back - I do hope it gets better soon. Especially with the weather finally getting nicer there and you were wanting to get out and hike more.

Lovely sky shot. The clouds seem so close!

bspinner said...

Your hat is wonderful!!! Now if you truly don't like your new sweater I'll be glad to send you my address. No kidding it looks lovely on you!!

Sorry to hear you messed up your back! Hope you're feeling better.

Nice picture. You do have some beautiful sunsets.

Robin said...

Love the sweater! Looks like one you'll wear often. LOVE the color!!!