Tuesday, April 06, 2010

April in the Great Basin

I bought this water color about 15 years ago - whenever it was the Arizona Sun Devils won the NCAA tournament. It was my first year to enter this pool and in selecting the brackets, since I didn't know anything about basketball, I just picked the team to win that was the most west of the two. In the end, I came up with Arizona. This is by Joyce Rossi who wrote the childrens book, The Gully Washer. She's a friend of my mine and I happened to be in her home, where I saw it propped up against the hearth. Long story short, it was for sale and I had money burning a whole in my pocket. It's especially meaningful to me since one of my aunts was a principal at a Chinese school in Lima, Peru. Globalization is not new.

Ian and I have continued to participate in this pool with family and friends and last night when Duke won the NCAA play-off game, I got second place. I collected my winnings today and put it in an envelope. I've decided to feed that envelope and when I find that must-have painting, I will be ready. I would so love to go to the Laguna Art Festival but for now, I'm biding my time.
I am thrilled at Missy's place mats. Each one is a little different but the undyed side of the fabric creates a neutral unifying fourth color. I'll be sorry to see these go in the mail. I'm reading the Finnish American Rag Rugs: art, tradition and ethnic continuity - almost ready to put on my first rag rug warp.

I took this yesterday morning from the front door.

And this afternoon I am bundled up, reading on the deck in the company dogs. I desperately need to do a little solar collection. We have another system predicted to hit this weekend. That's how Spring works in the Great Basin. The garlic is growing well and carrots are planted. Potatoes will go in the raised beds before this next system arrives. It's been such a long winter that we're getting low on firewood, though we should be able to squeak through with a stick or two to spare. It's been a great day.


marion said...

I can 'see' you had a great day, it sounds trough your story. Your painting and placemats :) are stunning and the photo's too.

Leigh said...

What a fun way to collect art.

The place mats look great. So nice to see you so productive at your loom! Now it's my turn to admire all the weaving you're getting done.

LA said...

Those placemats are beautiful! So...did you enjoy doing them?

Jody said...

I still am in awe at that view you have right outside your door :)

Benita said...

The placemats are beautiful! The color reminds me of some of the seashells I collected as a kid in Myrtle Beach.

I love the painting!!! What character she caught and I can almost hear the music he is playing on his panflute. She's an awesome artist. I can't wait to show this to Scott.

So you are planting your garden between snow storms. Very odd where you live. ;)

Jodi said...

Missy's place mats are really great!

We've had severe changes in weather around here -- yesterday it ranged from 78 degrees and sunny to 47 degrees (and hailing).

Birdsong said...

It has been a wonderful reprieve to have sun the past two days! DD and I even took baby Odessa to the Yuba while her mama went spring skiing... love the beautiful print.

bspinner said...

I would be very sad to see those place mats in the mail too. They're great. Just my style along with the bowl on your table.

Neat way to collect art. Nice painting!!!!

Robin said...

Sharon, the placemats look great!!!