Saturday, August 21, 2010

Finishing What I Started

I got caught up in the tension of Ian's medical situation and never finished posting about the Nevada County Fair. Notice the gorgeous Falling Leaves scarf draped across the top - this is Sara Lamb's guild and so everyone dug in to knit for her article that appeared last year in SpinOff, and as you see, the pattern persists. I do recommend it, but the exquisite nuno felt scarf on the right is heavenly and it's why I chose this photo.

It was exciting to see so much accom-
plished hand work - the sweater was a complete show stopper and the first thing you saw when you walked in the door. This was at opening and later the room was filled with an appreciative audience. An unappreciated gem is the orange scarf draped across the table. That was Sue's scarf that she knitted for Sara's Falling Leaf Shawl project which was published as a SpinOff article. Fickle, I say.
We shared the building with the quilters and this was one of my favorites. The ribs of the nautilus are stitched in seed beads. Birdsong and I stopped dead in our tracks - it was breathtaking, but not apparently to the judges. Shows what I know.
We loved this guy. To get this amount of animation by piecing bits of fabric and sewing stitches in just the right place - doesn't he look amused to you?
And then - how can you not love this one?! Birdsong is also a quilter and pointed out the careful choice of fabrics in the edge blocks. It's almost enough to make one want take up another hobby, but thankfully my rational brain rallied.
And finally, if you've managed to stay with me this long, was our drop dead favorite display and it wasn't even a competition. A guild had challenged it's members to make a "Bra for the Cure" with the requirements that both the inside and outside of the bra had to be covered in fabric. You have to click for big to get the name tags and - hooo boy, are they clever. I think my favorite is "Texas Hold'em." Do I have to tell which one that is? It's just left of "Hardware" and right of "C Shells for a Cure."

Thank you ladies.


Theresa said...

I'm glad you did finish and show us those great works! I too love the quilted shell. What did win I have to ask?
The bras are wonderful. So MUCH creativity.

Jody said...

Wow...such talent! Luv all of it!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Got a question though... was that the Nevada County Fair?

Annie said...

These br4as are really great!

Leigh said...

The bras are very clever. Such creativity! I absolutely love the quilts too. Quilting was my first fiber love. So glad the news is good for Ian. I know it doesn't resolve the problem he went it for, but it's a relief.

vlb5757 said...

I love the bras. How creative and for such a great cause. I think men ought to do the same kinds of bras. Love to know what they think about saving the ta tas.

Robin said...

The bras are terrific! What a cute idea!