Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nevada Territory Fair

One of the exhibits in the Hay Palace was this display on growing corn. Nevada has a dual economy - agriculture and mining - besides gaming. The Ag Council sponsored all of the displays in this tent, and corn was completely new to me - I think hay and cows.
The young 4Her is actually from a neighboring California county but volunteered to staff this booth because she thought it was so interesting. She's showing her own pigs and a neighbors meat lambs, which she says are stupid. She thinks pigs are awesome and when I told her about the girl losing control of her pig the day before, she said that would never happen to her.
She was demon-
strating how to make corn meal when I walked up and then volunteered to also show me the machine that strips dried corn from the ears. I love 4H but I'm sure I've said that before. BTW, 4H is a club like Boy Scouts, but for agriculturally interested children. I was in 4H.

They had been announc-
ing all day the Wild West Show in the horse arena at 7:00. I left the Hay Palace after the cast-iron cookoff to see one of these teams ride into the tunnel to the horse arena. I could hear the volume from inside so ran up the steps to see what the deal was. Oh man. This is after the event, since my old camera can't catch action. These two teams raced each other at unbelievable speeds - my heart was pounding. Someone told me - oh, this is just regular rodeo stuff. But I've never been to a rodeo. Holy cow!
Just across from the buggy teams in the channel into the arena was this stage-
coach. They'd been there for a while, waiting for something. Oh, and after the buggy races, they had teenage trick riders ala Annie Oakley, followed by Indian hoop dancers. Awesome and breathtaking is all I can say.
Back to the driver who had been waiting and was still waiting, so when I walked by, I asked if I could take his picture. He nodded. I said I'm going to put this on my blog. Is that okay? He said, let me get my hat, thus I have this cute picture of the driver.


Theresa said...

Great fair photos, all of them! I've enjoyed seeing it through your eyes. Hope the fair makes it too although they could drop the wagon racing. Last I checked 9 horses were killed or injured badly enough to be destroyed during the chuck wagon racing at Calgary this year.
Your spinning look great. How did the judging go on your items? Can you say yet?

vlb5757 said...

I love fairs of all sorts. That looks like it was fun. We have a nice festival coming here in Sept. After all the beach tourists are gone the locals have Neptune Festival. We try to go every year and it's a blast!

Anonymous said...

Great fair! That young girl looks so happy to be doing the demonstration.

re'New said...

I agree, 4-H is the best. I was an 11 year 4-Her and I'm doing I think my 22nd year of leader? I now have 3 graduated 4-H kids myself, but I'm not quitting yet. The school admins and teachers all say they can tell the 4-Hers in their classes - wish they would help encourage it more! It is a great organization that encourages kids to be themselves while learning what interests them, family participation and community service/leadership. All states, and even counties within states seem to do things differently, but at the core? Great stuff!

Jodi said...

That's awesome! I love the stagecoach guy. Rodeo stuff is amazing -- as a kid I was intrigued by barrel racing.

Robin said...

I'll say it again --- I LOVE a fair!

Beryl Moody said...

Egads - you really did a great job of photographing the fair compared to my measly attempts. Sorry I didn't see you yesterday. I did take a peek and saw that your bolero was one of the blue ribbon winners. I really didn't know much about who won what - which is probably a good thing for a judge!