Saturday, April 16, 2011

Farm Daze

Alexia and I went over to Mim's after lunch on Thursday. Mim has 16 lambs and 6 kids at this point and Lexi Lu has been looking forward to this visit all week. Mim has a Netherland Dwarf that's quiet enough that Lex could hold it.
She's a little tenuous but the rabbit behaved perfectly. Mim's newest guard dog Casey, only four-months-old, has the instincts to protect her charge, which she understands is the rabbit, and is yet so gentle. I'd want that dog except for all the hair and that she's going to grow to be the size of a washing machine.
Alexia was so hopeful to hold one of the miniature La Mancha kids, but Mim admitted that with all the babies dropping these days, she hasn't had much time to work with the goats. JoBeth has visiting privileges but alas we did not.
This is the most recent addition to Desert Peach Farm, a one-day-
old twin lamb. Mim told Lex to wait at the fence and she would hand him over.
He's the sweetest little thing. Alexia can hardly breathe, she's so excited. Mother was more troubled by this event than the baby - he didn't squirm.
Who knows what his fleece will look like by the time he grows one, but his coloring right now is interesting and I especially love the pattern on his face.

The other twin is solid black and a bit more squirmy. I had to assist on a couple of occasions. I wonder what stories she will tell about today to her parents. She is a big story teller and asked me if all vampires from Pennsylvania.
Mim didn't collect the eggs so Alexia could. She was so excited but one laying hen we didn't see was startled and flew out of her nest. Alexia almost fainted. I'm sure there's going to be a vampire chicken in the story she tells her parents. She got to have one of her eggs for breakfast yesterday morning.
This is Mim's flock, staying their distance from the vampire human girl. I think they're beautiful and most of the most reassuring things on my brother's place was his chickens, running free in the yard, turning over mulch and going about their business. If my watercolor ever gets good enough, I want to paint chickens. That's my highest art goal.


Theresa said...

What a wonderful day, vampire chickens and all!

bspinner said...

Please tell Alexia not all vampires are from Pennsylvania. Well, at least I hope not.

I'm so happy you and Alexa had a fun day at Mim's.

Hilary said...

Kids just love farm babies, don't they???

Nina said...

That sure does look like it was a lot of fun! I haven't found any Vampires up in Canada yet, so maybe they don't like the cold!

chris said...

alexia has really grown this year. what a lovely grandchild you have.

Benita said...

What a hoot!!! Vampires?

Personally, I'd like to read her "What I did over Spring Break" paper. Vampire chickens!