Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Little Light Dawns

I was startled last night to see moon shadow outside the window. We've missed at least the last five months of full moons. I tried to catch the image but can only represent the effect. I'm afraid my camera doesn't do full moons, however, let me tell you that my heart was full as I viewed. It's been a long difficult winter for me.

You asked me to tell you how my S.A.D. light is working, and first of all, I'm calling it my Grow Light. It has made an astounding difference from the very first day. I set it on a stool within the suggested range of 18" so it can bathe my face in light, and then I spin for 30 minutes. About half way through the session, there is a very recognizable click in my core. I go from being a zombie to become animated and interested and anxious to get on with the events of the day. In case you're interested, this is the light I ordered. I know it could be psychosomatic, but you know what? I don't care. I feel like I've been handed my life back and I'm willing to get up that extra 30 minutes early to accommodate whatever time I have to leave the house.
I finished winding a 10-yard 8/4 cotton rug warp today and have it hanging on Miss Millie's front beam - placemats! I washed this sad relic of a rag rug, woven without the tension a rag rug loom, and am going to recycle it. Thanks Julie! I would have tossed it without your advice.
The container sample I ordered arrived today. There was a mix-up so they sent it to me for free. I think it's what Mim and I have been looking for. I'm not sure we can get any better price for the size we need. I have an in-town day scheduled tomorrow, starting with Reno High School, teaching the art teacher how to drop spindle, and the long overdue haircut and then hopefully, we can get Melissa's spinning wheel unbroken and humming again. But no fiber for Sharon.
The jar is perhaps a little roomy, but I think it's an attractive display of our one yard skeins. The red lids were the cheapest option, but Mim thinks they'll be perfect for the bulk of our craft sales which will be in the Fall pre-Christmas season.

I fixed the best Seared Scallops with Lemon Orzo for dinner tonight. I love Cooking Light. Their recipes make up the wholesome and tasty food I want to eat.


Michelle said...

I think the jar is the perfect size; I hope you sell every kit you make! And delighted to hear the light is making such a wonderful difference.

Benita said...

I love the container and the bright red lid. It will "pop" on whatever sales table you have. Oh, I can't wait for the kits to go on sale. You are going to be my excuse to finally learn how to do fair isle knitting. I think it and steeks are my last two hurdles in my knitting that I am really wanting to cross. I learned how to knit for socks and fair isle and fair isle is still eluding me. Yeah for Sharon and Mim!!!

Anonymous said...

The light sounds amazing and I am getting pretty convinced to get one for next winter. Thanks for the reviews!

Mim said...

I like the jar it looks good with the yarn inside. Great to hear your light works!

Laura said...

I think that's better than a clamshell - the lid is a great eye-catcher!

I also printed out the recipe - it looks scruptious!

Marion B. said...

Love those kits. Hope (know) you sell them soon.

Nina said...

I think the container is perfect. I think if the yarns were squished in it would look more like you had to make do. It's quite classic looking as it is. I think the red lid is perfect. It's eye catching for one thing and is warm and inviting. People will be drawn to check them out!

I'm glad to hear the light is working so well.

bspinner said...

Leigh, The jar is a perfect container for your kit. Easy to transport, set up and customers can see whats inside.