Friday, April 08, 2011

Life in the High Desert

After my dental appointment Wednesday morning, I rewarded myself with a drive down to the river to photograph and measure the trees I want to bomb on June 11th, International Yarn Bomb Day. As you imagine, people were looking.
The ferocious wind was punishing on the drive home but I was rewarded with a box from Village Spinning and Weaving. I had ordered a couple warm tones in 8/2 for towels, a cone of 8/4 cotton warp and my Little Man one-yard niddy noddy. I think it would be easier to measure yarn for hat kits if I were getting yards instead of lengths I have to calculate into yards - plus it's handmade and it's gorgeous.
How hard does the wind blow? This is Bob and Mim's Bristle Cone pine that they lost in the last wind storm. It was a mature stately tree and the cornerstone of their landscaping.
Granted the winds at their end of the valley are more harsh because they're pushed down the mountain, but the root system snapped. I am always in awe of those who pioneered here. I read the oral history of the rancher's wife who originally owned this valley. No sissies need apply.

We woke up to more snow yesterday morning. I broke down and ordered a SAD broad spectrum light last night. Amy asked me tonight why I didn't just replace our bulbs with broad spectrum bulbs. Because we only use canned lights.

On another note, I've finished my last sewing project. This time I used cotton gauze which I thought would simulate sewing with handwoven. It was shucky and loose, requiring lots of ease stitching and stay stitching, but I have the experience under my belt and am ready to move on. I've cleaned up my sewing area and am getting ready to weave.
I shoveled the 4" from the deck and the day warmed up to 36 degrees and took care of the rest. This was our sunset yesterday afternoon. And then it started snowing in the night and we did it all over again. I hope that SAD light comes soon. I'm not going to call it a seasonal affective disorder light. I'm going to call it a spinning at dawn light because that's how I'm going to use it.


Anonymous said...

The amount of snow you get is boggling. But it is a very cool spring with record breaking lows. The light reminds me of that old show, Northern Exposure, where they were all wearing SAD lights and one person went a little overboard.

Kaaren said...

You may find that you need ultraviolet light as well.

Theresa said...

Your blouse looks GORGEOUS! Nice job. I sympathize on the snow, believe me, I do. We should get two nice days, in a row even, then back to some muck. Maybe it will miss you or peter out once it leaves here.
Only canned lights? Wow, we don't have a single one.
I avoided them on the build completely opting for old fashioned ceiling fixtures and lamps. I know you had heaps of bloodwork done but did they check Vit.D? I was surprised to find out how deficient I was and was told it was typical in northern climates esp. in winter.I have been slowly changing over to the SAD bulbs on my lamps too.
Oh, and to answer your question, I am heading to MA for the annual visit with my folks, where hopefully the weather will be warm and sunny! If it's not, there is still the lobsters and good New England seafood, so it's a win win all around. ;)

Nina said...

I'm sorry to hear about your snow. It's just not fair to have snow list late in the season. We've had 3 days in a row without flurries or precipitation of any kind! How glorious is that? That wind is kind of scary, with the strength to snap a tree down so low.

bspinner said...

I just can't imagine getting more snow this time of year but one of my school mates remined me lately that the day we graduated from High School it snowed May 29th so anything's possible.

I thought our wind blew hard but it's not has hard as yours. Thank goodness!!!!