Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Plans come Together

I knitted the two-color hat from handspun Shetland one more time to test the pattern, to verify the yardage needed and to also have a photo for the pattern. I found yet another error but I'm confident that I've caught them all now. I knit from my head so writing down patterns has been a new form of discipline for me.
This is the three-
color hat and I think for now I just want to focus on these two as kits, though I've started developing a mitt kit, also from handspun. I thought I'd get a lot more done today, but laundry and Alexia became a full day.

The container I ordered for the hat kits still hasn't arrived so I called the company today and they found that the employee who took my order made an error and the order wasn't processed. They're sending my container by UPS in the morning and charging me nothing. It's supposed to be here in two days. The timing is perfect since I realize that nothing is going to happen with a six-year-old here.
This is the troubling secret behind my bedroom door. I starting playing guitar in high school and played until 15 years ago, when I met Ian. I just didn't make time to play and then one day my calluses were gone. I had been missing music in my life and finally about three years ago, bought a nylon-string guitar - I had given my guitars away. I just couldn't seem to develop new calluses and stopped trying, but I keep on missing it. Enter Michelle. She is taking guitar lessons and so we've formed a partnership, rather like having a running partner. We will train on our own and then get together to play. It's the shot in the arm I needed. It still really hurts to play but my Travis pick is starting to actually sound like what it's supposed to sound like and it makes me feel good, which is what it's all about.
The week is half gone and the next time Alexia has a school break, she'll be in the next grade and the weather will be completely different. The next week we spend with grandkids will be in Bend, Oregon the week after Black Sheep Gathering.

Thanks to Amy, we are going - I haven't decided if I'm going to take any classes or not. We have reservations to camp with Amy at the Lane County Campground in Florence, Oregon. Amy realized that only two of our favorite spaces were left and she pushed Ian, as only she can do. I couldn't get him to commit - thanks Amy! Because we've stayed there about a half dozen times before, I know where we're going and anticipation is such an important part of the experience. Amy sent me a link to the webcam which you can see here. It's the best coastal camping there is! I check the webcam every day now.


Michelle said...

YAY, I get to HUG you again!!!

Tina T-P said...

Hey, YAY! Black Sheep again! I almost blew it and didn't get our hotel reservations in time - I think I got one of the last rooms in the area and I had to call about a dozen places before I found that one.

Keep working on that guitar - one day, you'll pick it up and realize that the callouses are good - I don't play my 12 string nearly enough, and when I get called to play for church, it practically kills me! T.

Judy said...

Enjoy yourself camping on the coast! That should be wonderful this time of year.

That's a great idea on the hat kits. I can see many happy people knitting away creating a unique wool hat to wear.

Laura said...

Send me your pattern - I'll test knit it (and supply my own yarn).

I used to play guitar ages ago. The last time I picked one up, I tried to play "Blackbird" and couldn't get beyond the first two fingerings... I'll treasure the memories, I guess!

I'm so glad you are coming up for BSG. My cousin is coming and LindaLou is comeing (both staying at my house) - we should have a coastal dinner!

Theresa said...

It sounds like you will have a wonderful welcoming committee! Have a grand time. One of these days I might even make it there again myself.
Keeping working on those calluses. They can take a while. I played bass for 15 years and it took a good long time for them to form and a long time for them to go away too!

bspinner said...

Hat kits are great!!! I can't wait to see the containers.

Keep up the work on your guitar. I've played one myself by enjoy listening.