Sunday, August 02, 2009

Glass Head

DD Chris and her husband devoted the month of June to cleaning out their garage. I was absolutely impressed because they tackled it anew every weekend until it was completely under control. She posted on Facebook that she had found a glass head, couldn't remember acquiring it and wondered why anyone would want a glass head. Me me - I want a glass head. She has over 600 FB friends, partly because of the belly dancing classes she teaches, so in the silly responses, I kept saying, me me - I want a glass head. About comment 18 I finally said, so do I get the glass head, she said, Yes Mother, you can have the glass head. What on earth are you going to do with a glass head???
This is the first thing I did with the glass head. This is from scraps. I'm not sure it's successful, but in looking over my inventory list from the Brewery, I see that hats that sell are hats of color. This is a hat of color - weird color.

This is the second thing I did. So now I have two hats finished of not so specta-
cular color. I'm working on getting my color mojo working. I am attracted to squadgey swamp colors, but I want to get colors that sell going soon. Ian has bought tickets to NYC in October. He's selling stuff (stamps) and I'm selling stuff and we hope to avoid residual trip payments. Silly, but I'm looking foward to visiting the Fairway Market on Broadway and Ian wants to go back to the Gray Papaya. I just watch - I don't do those hotdogs, no matter how big a NYC insitution they are.

Our kids celebrated SIL's birthday and promotion last night so we got to babysit. We watched the last Harry Potter, until the babies clearly needed to go to bed. They fell asleep after I read one book. The move is on Tivo so we'll watch the rest later. Ian caught this shop of Lexie in front of the old-and-in-the-way pot. She's finally taller than the pot.

And they were happy to pose for a fruit bar salute. However did they get so big?

Speaking of big grandkids - in my earlier posts I talked about my oldest grandson being adopted and about our reconnecting. So he's flying out in September for our family Gathering and with his parents. We're kinda on a major high at this point. Sorry - I try to stick to one theme per post, but I realize I went past three~


Theresa said...

Great glass head and I like the hat colors so far. Maybe that makes me a squadgey swamp person? ;-) It looks like a fun time was had by all this weekend
and that NYC trip will be a lot of fun.

bspinner said...

This is so spooky!!! I have a couple of woman glass head came across a man glass head yesterday and bought it. I would love to get one of those crazy painted ones.

Are you going to be in New York during the NY Sheep and Wool Festival October 17 & 18?

Hilary said...

LOVE the glass head...omg, that is so perfect for trying hats on.
you SHOULD have the glass head!!!!
The hats are lovely.
I get on a hat kick now and then, and then I get on a scarf kick......

Mim said...

Ok, I'm offended the second hat would be the one I love! That "not so spectacular color" happenes to be beautiful and I have good taste for a squadgey swamp person! ;o) Looking forward to meeting your grandson!

Lee said...

The question shouldn't be 'who would want a glass head', more like 'who wouldn't???'

Valerie said...

How convenient for a glass head to "appear" just as you are gearing up for hats!

To me your colors aren't "swampy", they are very much like the colors in your desert pictures.

There are several books out there about how our environments affect our color choices: The hot colors of the Carribbean, the cool blue-greens of the northwest, etc. Makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

Carolyn said...

Squadgey? I have to look that word up. Never heard of it. I thought I was educated... Never saw a glass head before either! This is a GREAT blog!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I think that first hat will get snapped right up, as will the second one. I happen to think that second one is really beautiful, BTW. Congrats on the perfect model for your hats! And woohoo about getting to see your grandson in person!

Life Looms Large said...

Love the glass head!!! The perfect way to photograph hats without having to recruit models!

I love the hats you're knitting, and the colors you're using! It is funny how color is such a personal thing....sometimes colors I hate are colors someone else totally loves!


Janet said...

I'm currently using my garden gnomes and animals to model my knitted hats. A glass head would be much more useful.