Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pushing the Fair Deadline

The fair is next week and I'm still trying to get my four entries ready to go. I don't enter for the competition as much as the hope the entries will generate interest from the public. The fair is our guild's biggest fiber outreach of the year. I spaced the deadline so was frantically trying to think of things I could enter but could only think of four. I didn't even enter a skein. This is not retirement behavior.

I've entered my second Sonnet sweater, as pathetic as it is. My scarf is done and well modeled by the glass head. I think the shot shows both the color variegation and the pattern.
The pattern is Falling Leaf and I spun the yarn from 50/50 Ram-
bouillet/ Alpaca with a little bunny added in for halo. It's about three yards long but only weighs 4 ounces. That's all the yarn I had left. I feel like I'm wearing a cloud. I am so pleased with it, unlike the scarves I made from silk. I don't care if the judge shares my sentiment or not.
I also entered a pair of socks, thinking I'd have the time to spin up some yarn and knit them up. Remember now that I almost missed the entry deadline. This goes under the category of "What was I thinking?" What was I thinking!! Then I remembered that I had started these at our guild fiber retreat in September last year - a month after the last fair. Phew.
The last item entered is the TV lap robe from handspun and I know I seem to be dragging my feet. This is by far the most challenging project from handspun that I have engaged in to date. I sett it very loosely, only 8 epi and ppi, because the yarn is so spoingy. I am anticipating that once it's off the loom and given a bath that is will pull in and full up, big time. But I don't know that, hence my reluctance. Tomorrow is scrapbook Friday with DIL Missy so I won't be back to the loom until Saturday. Sunday is out - granddaughter Lexie's fifth birthday party. Why do I enter things in the fair that I haven't even started on anyway?!!
Guess who got new catnip added to his scratcher~

I heard a rumor that Ravelry added weaving to their options last weekend. Upon checking just now, I can tell you that is not a rumor, it is a fact.


Michelle said...

Oh, you ARE a glutton for punishment! I hope you get it all done!

Tina T-P said...

I didn't even get anything entered this year, but I did go out and sit outside the wool barn and do a demo spin for 4 hours last night - boy was I tired of sitting & spinning! T.

Theresa said...

It will be fine, whatever you get done will be just wonderful and no doubt you will over promise for next year. :-). The throw looks amazing!

Valerie said...

The lap robe web is looking wonderful!! do know that retirement is not a competitive activity?

RE: public internet access....duh, I am pretty literal sometimes.

Life Looms Large said...

All of your entries look great!!! I'm swatching for a scarf for my niece right now - and I'm doing a very similar pattern to yours in red. I like it a lot.

I'll be really interested to see how the lap blanket comes out. You know I aspire to blanket weaving....although blankets are the farthest thing from my mind while it's so hot.

OK, I might be pretty lame at using ravelry....but where did you find weavers? I did find a "Warped Weavers" group. I love ravelry for knitting - even though all I do is browse!


Jodi said...

Best of luck at the fair! The scarf is just lovely. All those nice blues...

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Beautiful stuff Sharon! I cant wait to see that scarf in person!
lol @ Charlie!
Garysue offered to carry my entries home with her earlier this week so they will be there on Wednesday, I wont be there until Thursday evening and not to the fair until Friday morning. Se you then!

Mim said...

Everything looks great. The scarf is my favorite!

bspinner said...

You've sure been a busy gal. I love your scarf!!! Looks great on your new "head". Socks look warm and comfy. Nice colors!!! I can't wait to see your lap blanket.

Have fun at the fair!!!