Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sparking Boy

My pink and lavendar roving turned out darker and more lavender than I had expected. I was able to get it spun up while demonstrating at the fair a couple of days ago. That day was so hot and dusty and so authentic Nevada.
I didn't get to go back to the fair today for the closing events, but will toss my wheel into the car because after my early morning dental appointment tomorrow, I'll come back from town and go to Mim's to spend some time spinning on her deck with Becky before she has to go back to Battle Mountain. This is what I will be spinning. I am so looking to being with them, just visiting and spinning - so rich.
I wasn't able to go the fair because DS Josh was bringing out his 5th wheel to set it up for next weekend, the 3rd annual Gathering. That's what Ian calls it, but friend Kris quipped last year that we should call it Sparking Boy - a nod to Burning Man, also in the Nevada high desert this weekend. Come on out!

Josh apologized that they would have been out earlier, but they sold their house this morning, two days after listing it. They are Bend, Oregon bound. His new position as FedEx termimal manager starts - tomorrow. It just makes it all the more important for our family to identify how we can connect and collect.


Life Looms Large said...

Wow - that is awesome that they sold their house so quickly!!! That must be a load off everyone's minds.

The yarn you've spun, and what you're spinning are both lovely!!

Hope you guys don't have more fires. That must be so scary!


Theresa said...

Beautiful yarn Sharon! Bend is pretty nice. I hope they like it there. Of course visiting might have you coming over to the i5 to head up that way. We're pretty close if you want to stop in for a visit! Doors open.
It is serendipity that they sold their house just in the nick of time. What a relief that must be.
I owe you a picture BTW, I haven't forgotten. I'll get out there today.

Carolyn Jean Thompson said...

Beautiful yarn! Also, your sweater at the Fair is gorgeous - congrats!