Friday, March 04, 2011

Change of Plans Again

The sample is done, sort of. I had six broken warps in my 7" sample and then when one of the broken warps that I'd put on a weight broke again, I cut the whole thing off and cleaned off the loom.
The sample looks like nothing on either side. Since the draft was for a sinking shed loom and I was weaving on a rising shed loom, was I supposed to reverse the treadling? Anyhow, in the future I'll stick with Anne Dixon's book since the patterns are written for my looms. I've loved all the towels I've woven from it. So yes, it was a learning experience, and in more ways than I had anticipated.

I realized as I was cleaning up my work area that my favorite loom of all, Maudie Mae, is covered with dust and neglected because I keep trying to weave on Goldie, perhaps trying to rationalize my spontaneous purchase. I love how easy her tie-up is to change - but I don't love her. I was so frustrated yesterday morning, I emailed our guild prez and told her I needed to find a new loving weaver for Goldie. She exchanged a couple of emails and I was reminded that my friend Lauren, who is an art teacher at the industrial arts complex of Reno High, is trying to introduce her students to fiber arts. I emailed her to see if she would be interested in the donation of a loom and she was ecstatic. So am I. Goldie is going to have a wonderful new home as an introduction to weaving for high school art students. I know that Lee Ann, who loved this loom so much, would approve.
So while I was running errands yesterday, I picked up an inexpen-
sive utility table at Costco and now this is how I'm using the same space.

Last night at the tail end of our guild meeting, Nisha modeled two jackets that she recently finished from her own yardage. She has always maintained that she weaves to sew, which is her first love. The jackets were so stunning that I forgot to pull out my camera. She's shy about her sewing so this was a spontaneous surprise. I've been on a couple of retreats with her where she was weaving to sew and that's where the seed was planted. Her clothes are hot. No blanket on Kimosabe, baby. No sir.
I've finished my first garment with buttonholes in years. The buttonholes were such absolute torture, that after an couple of email exchanges with Theresa, I decided it might be time to shop for a new sewing machine, which I proceeded to do. We exchanged a couple more emails on sewing machines and I ordered the one we agreed on this morning. It makes buttonholes!! I bought vintage buttons for this and they're wonderful. The buttons cost more than the cloth.
Hancock's had a sale yesterday and I picked up these patterns. I think I they are all that I need for the time being. The first jacket that Nisha modeled she noted had a matching skirt, but that the fabric was so bulky that it made her look fat. I doubt she weighs 100 pounds so that's serious and a warning about what you sew with yardage.

I bought five pieces of fabric but I think I'll start with these two pieces of cotton. I also bought three pieces of rayon because I want to be seasoned with difficult fabric by the time I cut into my own yardage.
In the time being, I've decided to cut up and sew some nauseously ugly pink plaid that was my first purchase after I decided to sew again. Here's my story. We're in the Supershuttle from La Guardia and everyone is talking about their plans in the city, mostly what plays they're going to see. Out of the blue my mouth blurts, I'm going to Mood. The response: no way, shut up, you're not, seriously. So I had to do it. I was completely unprepared so I bought four yards of this obnoxious pink plaid stretch cotton. I had to go to New York to get something that ugly?!! And so I'm making it into pajamas.
With some help.


Maggie said...

Leo, my orange tabby, also enjoys being a pattern weight, which would be fine except for the claws. I've never been in Mood, but I love the street it's on: fabric, fabric, fabric! Woohoo!

Theresa said...

LOL, Such a handsome helper too. He's just pre-hairing that fabric for you. How considerate! I hope the machine is a winner for you. That shirt looks lovely
and glad you found a good home for Goldie!

LA said...

Charlie is so are a lucky sewer. I agree about the loom. If it is causing you "grief" then it needs to go to another weaver who might just have the touch with that loom!

Anonymous said...

Have never heard of Mood, but then never been to N.Y. Am planning a trip next fall and will have to begin researching. ;)

Nina said...

what is it about helper kitties and sewing. Bring out a pattern or some yardage and our cat is right in the centre of it too!

Judy said...

It's frustrating when the warp ends keep breaking. I had that problem with some alpaca yarn I was using to weave a scarf.

It sounds like you are getting your creative space just the way you want it.

Enjoy your week, Sharon.

bspinner said...

I admire anyone who can sew their own clothing. No matter what I did mine always looked home made so I finally just stopped trying.

I'm happy to that your loom is finding a home to someone who can share it with new weavers. Never to many weavers in this world.

Love the picture of Charlie helping you. He's a sweetie!!

Benita said...

Pretty, pretty picture of Charlie!!!

I can hardly wait to see the new sewing machine!