Monday, March 07, 2011

Snowbound Some More

The forecast was for rain, which we enjoyed listening to last evening, but this is what we awoke to. This is the day I'm supposed to take a picture for my seasons file, and as of yesterday all the snow had melted. This is not proving to be all that representational of the weeks, maybe the season?
I have thrown myself into sewing and proving a couple of patterns so I know how wide I need to weave the fabric to make them in my own yardage. I don't want to weave and waste and even worse, I don't want to weave and come up short! I just got this email from Amazon:

The following items have been shipped to you by
Qty Item Price Shipped Subtotal

-------------------------------------------------------------------- items (Sold by, LLC) :

1 Brother CS6000I Sew Advanc... $169.99 1 $169.99

Shipped via UPS
And what is this, you might wonder. I went to Goodwill Bargain Bin last week where clothing is priced at $1.50 per pount. I was looking for blouses to cut buttons from and instead found these great cotton mens shirts in nearly new condition. I only cut buttons from the one Ian didn't like and there is one very ugly shirt with ugly buttons that we both agree must go back. So I got 10 shirts and a set of buttons for $7.37, which is a lot less than the $14.76 I spent for three sets of vintage buttons at Junkee.
We had Alexia this weekend. I uploaded a video which you can see here. I was so disappointed that the embedded code only showed half the video after taking an hour to upload. Anyway, she's pretty easy to entertain and so are we. She spent a couple of hours on the Wii Fit and I'm telling you, that might look like a game, but it gets the heart rate up.

I think she should get extra credit for playing while wearing her mother's outsized t-shirt and PJ bottoms that won't stay up. The towel is because she said she was sweating like a buffalo, and then she wondered if a buffalo could sweat. She will be staying with on week days including overnight, for a month starting March 21st. That's her break for year-round school. We'll see what this pair of grandparents are made of.


Anonymous said...

oh my! what alot of snow!

Theresa said...

Oh, lucky Lexie, a whole month! Get your maps out, plan some trips maybe?
How exciting your new machine is on it's way!

Leigh said...

The video of Alexia is so cute!

Sounds like Theresa's sewing bug is spreading. Great idea about going to Goodwill for buttons! Pretty buttons can be so expensive.

And your snow! Ug. The only thing worse is all our rain!!!

Jody said...

Our snow was starting to disappear but this weekend we again got walloped with about 12 centimetres of snow!

Nina said...

Yay for a new sewing machine! That is a great haul at Goodwill. I can't wait to follow the adventures of weaving your own yardage and the clothing it makes. What a super project to have!