Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cooking Plans

I have no idea how you're supposed to block a mobius since it will never lie flat, but this my best effort. Babysitting is knitting opportunity, and as the contemporary line goes - it's a win win. The yarn fairies can no longer add to my yarn ball, and so I gave the teeny leftover ball to Charlie. What is it with cats and yarn anyway?
I finished my blouse today. Actually, it was done but I had to learn how to make buttonholes. Alexia was taking a bath in the next room, so I embarked on this new journey. I have never had a machine that could make buttonholes without my intervention. I tested it and worked though the error messages, which were mostly because I didn't know which model machine I had purchased. I had to come back downstairs, log on and find the bookmark for the machine model I had ordered. I needed the model number for the correct buttonhole number selection. That's all folks. With that information, I dropped the needle at the starting point five times and zip-zop, had five buttonholes. I am in awe.
I handed Alexia the camera and asked if she thought she could take a picture of my blouse. She said she had taken zillions of pictures.

I looked at her picture and said, Alexia, you got Papa looking grouchy and you missed the whole top of my head. This is her next image - better Papa, manic-hilarious Grandma. She's pretty good for a six-year-old. Of my two blouse tries, this pattern will be my next go. I have given up on the no-waist life of the "mature body." As Amy said, it is what it is.
Charlie has made tentative peace with Alexia which is no small deal since he has a reputation for scratching our fast-moving grandchildren. He has her Wii-exercise sweat towel and her special lion here.
Alexia is absorbed into a world of Wii princesses and all the fairy tale magic that goes with it. She doesn't know it but her favorite cousins in the whole world are here this weekend - text message alert. I know that seeing Evan is one hundred times more awesome than one Wii princess.

And for now, I loved my February Lady sweater so much and wear it way too much, so I decided to cast on some yarn I've have for a long time, which matches the gauge. It's gray Targhee which I put into a yellow dye bath. Interesting? We'll see.


Theresa said...

Oh, your blouse look great! Nice job and such beautiful button holes. ;) Isn't it amazing having the one step?I love mine so much I switched machines just to do a single buttonhole. The Bernina has a 4 step button hole but the Brother does it all with the touch of a finger, to the exact size I might add. The new knitting looks fab but I bet it feels wonderful too. Lucky Alexia having such a wonderful surprise coming up this weekend. Love the smiling picture too. Too funny. Glad G-Pa looks so happy.

Jody said...

Now that I am 50, I find I am not so hung up on my body as I used to be. This body can still accomplish alot and DH luvs me even with a few grey hairs :-)

Anonymous said...

Your blouse is lovely and the fit looks just perfect! My machine's ability to do buttonholes was a complete revelation. The old one would do them *in theory*, but I usually wound up with a tangled mess of thread and tears.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pattern on the mobius and the blouse is flattering.

Judy said...

What a nice mobius with the soft color and the textured pattern.

Congratulations on your buttonholes using your new machine! It sounds like a great sewing machine. I remember the old machines where buttonholes were a nightmare to avoid at all costs. Nice modeling job :-)

Benita said...

I love the old goldeness of the yeloow overdyed gray yarn. The color just looks cozy.

The blouse looks awesome on you. And a machine that makes button holes so easily - I'll bet you are in heaven!

Leigh said...

The blouse looks great. So do the buttonholes! I suspect you'll never go back to doing them the old way!

I love overdyed grays. Always a surprise!