Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Surprises

I got home from town today to find this box at my gate as Benita had said I would. A couple weeks ago she told me she was paring down her fabric collection and dispersing the extras, would I care for any? Yes please!!
I told Benita that I preferred cottons but had no idea she would be sending me so many pieces. And of course it wouldn't be possible to sort through them without my dedicated snoopervisor. No wonder she said she was looking forward to having some space back.
There are many pieces in many colors and as I was looking through them, I realized that I have gotten off my goals by trying to make and fit pants. My goal is to sew with handwoven and I probably wouldn't be making pants from that anyway. I also want to make more rag rugs or placemats, so tomorrow I'll clear out the pants and start sewing strips. I need to order carpet warp!
In the meantime, I'm setting these two pieces aside as they look like the making for a sundress in Alexia's favorite color.

Benita lives in Indiana and is excited that Butler is one of the Cinderella teams going to the NCAA final four. I had mentioned that two Cinderella teams are competing and it's going to be hard to watch - I want them both to win. She said the governors of Indiana and Virginia have made a friendly wager. If Butler wins Saturday's Final Four game in Houston, McDonnell will send Daniels a Virginia hand-cured country ham from S. Wallace Edwards & Sons in Surry. If VCU wins, Daniels will send McDonnell a variety of duck products from Maple Leaf Farms in Milford. She suggested we do the same. I'll cheer for VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) and she for Butler. The loser sends the other 4 ounces of something from our fiber stash. That sweetens the pot a bit, doncha think.
So I went to the doctor this morning because I have been feeling like I have iron-poor blood or something, or maybe the thyroid-replacement that I've recently started wasn't working. He told me I have SAD, or seasonal affective disorder, and talked about strategies for dealing with it. And look what came out today - the sun! I wrapped up and sat on the deck until it got too cool. Thank you sun!! Please come again.

I found this so amusing, I wanted to share it.


Birdsong said...

Well, at least there's an answer to your concerns! I am soo looking forward to spring this year. Looks like you also have a good fabric collection to inspire you and raise your spirits.

Theresa said...

What a treasure trove of fabric goodies! How fun and Charlie? thinks so too. I'm sorry I got you so far afield
on those goals...but hey, a good fitting pair of pants can certainly show off a handwoven shirt nicely! ;)
Towards that goal though, I'll let you know of any fabulous patterns that I find that might be good for handwovens! It is a noble goal, one I share. The twins, too cute. I bet those two keep their mother on her toes.

Laura said...

Looks like you have plenty of prospects for future rugs!!

LA said...

How fun! For those of us that love fiber....that box is a treasure!!! Have fun!

vlb5757 said...

Wow! Who wouldn't want more enabler friends? I want someone to send me some free stuff too! What a friend! I loved the baby video. It was the funniest thing.

Judy said...

What a thoughtful gesture from Benita and what a great stash for you!

Benita said...

Scott suffers from SAD, too, so I know what you are going through. Sunshine does do wonders for it. He has full spectrum bulbs in his studio to help with it.

I laughed at the Charlie in the Box picture. How funny!!!

I am so glad you can make use of the fabric. Better than sitting and collecting dust on my shelves. And I can't wait to see what you make from them.

Oh, yes... Go Butler!!!!

Two Guys and a Loom said...

Oh what wonderful fabric finds! Benita is a rag rug weaver's bestest kind of friend!!!!

Leigh said...

Ooo. Way to go Charlie! Way to go Benita! You will have so much fun with your new stash.