Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ready, Set, April

The dogs are absolutely and utterly done in. They had Alexia for a week and then a visit this morning from DIL Missy and our Oregon grandsons. I told Missy that if she wanted to drive in on her way home, she could have my backup Kenmore sewing machine.

Don't get me wrong. The dogs love the grandkids and Sammie will endure any amount of loving, but they have given all the grandkid loves they have had to give. I am sad I forgot to pull out my camera, which wouldn't have mattered since I had plugged the battery into a different and live power socket during the power outage when Ian had the generator running and I had forgotten all about it. It took me a while this evening to figure out why my camera was unresponsive.

Missy has never sewn before, though she thought watching her mother sew all these years would have her ready. We went through the machine, winding a bobbin, threading the machine and how to thread the needle. The documentation on this machine is good - I know this - so she has backup. I had Missy go through all those things. She stepped right up the plate, sewing like she knew what she was doing. Grandson Logan was excited, wanting to try it all. I love it that boys are okay to knit and sew these days. They were late getting out of here and we both knew she was facing harsh road conditions in her rental car. Long day, rough drive, but they were home by 6:00. Two of my hats left for Oregon this morning. Moms never go off duty.

As of last night, Ian and I have a partner to share a CSA basket with this year. Carol signed us up and we'll figure out pick-ups, etc later. It's not cheap, but we will get organic locally sustainably raised produce from April through October. Carol is thinking about buying a greenhouse and putting it here. She's not home to take care of one but she wants the outcome. I'll let you know if that pans out.
Meanwhile, I decided to knit a hat kit hat while Ian and I watch NCAA basketball - it has been a wonderful year of upsets. My pool bracket tanked several games ago but I love watching these young athletes pour their hearts into these games. I think basketball is the perfect college sport since only five team members are on the court at one time. VCU (Virginia Commonwealth) who came out of the backfield to win, has just 14 students on their bench. North Carolina has a graduate student playing who still had a year of eligibility. I love how articulate the players are when interviewed. Can you tell that I'd love to see football eliminated from college sports??

So hats. Yes, where was I?? Well, I found an error that I'll have to fix in the printed pattern. I figured out that if I weigh the yarn before I knit the hat and then weigh the leftover yarn afterwards, I'll know how many ounces to include so someone can knit the hat without running short of yarn. I also have figured out that I have an error - thought I had caught them all.

The wind has pounded relentlessly all day. Even if the roads are dry, the dogs won't walk in these gales. If the forecast is right, I will finally be able to walk the dogs in the mornings, beginning tomorrow. Every day for months it's been either snow or wind - I'm not holding my breath but I am hoping. My body is hoping.


Theresa said...

Yes, it will be something new and different NOT to be snowed on while feeding. I am sure the stars still exist even though I haven't seen them in ages. Although cute tired dogs are as good if not better and they sure do love to spread the love around. Yeah on Missy catching right on. She's probably sewn a million times in her head and I know you are a good teacher. I'm sure the old Kenmore will enjoy staying useful.

Nina said...

Poor tired pups! I'm sure they'll perk up soon, especially if the weather changes for the better. I'm tired of the bitter cold and late snow we've had over the past week. We went from flooding from snowmelt and rain to everything frozen and white again. Everyone is waiting for spring here! The joys of a first sewing machine. How exciting that is for her and is good that a solid machine has found new life and a new home.

Jody said...

Same crappy weather here too...the lambs are extra hungry with these cold nights!
I luv the design and colours of your hat :-)

Evelyn said...

Lucky dogs, wish I could collapse like that sometimes! That looks like a great hat pattern.

Judy said...

What a great hat! Your dogs do look rather worn out, but I bet they had a blast playing.

The organic local food sounds quite wonderful. Healthy for you both and supportive of your local farmers. It's a win/win.

Benita said...

Dog-tied doggies!

I think letting her use your old machine was wonderful! Keep encouraging those who love fabric and fiber.

Jodi said...

I hope you enjoy your CSA veggies! Sharing is a great idea. Paul and I had a hard time getting through all of ours when we did one (and also our CSA had way too much kale and chard for my taste).

Those dogs do look pooped!

My father is 70 and knows his way around a sewing machine quite well. He doesn't advertise that he sews, but he has done a ton of useful, money-saving projects (upholstery, slip covers, table runners, curtains, etc.). He grew up on a farm, and his mom taught all the kids how to crochet, embroider, and sew (partly just to keep them from going stir-crazy when cooped up in the long MN winter). My mom can't sew AT ALL!

Two Guys and a Loom said...

Those poochies look worn out. Very excited about your CSA opportunity! Might be a bit more expensive, but oh those fresh veggies will be worth it!!!