Friday, March 25, 2011

What Spring?

Late Tuesday evening DIL Missy texted me that she had gotten a great deal on a spring-break car rental and so she and the boys were at her mother's in Reno, was I free for lunch tomorrow? We drove through a snow squall on the drive in, and then had a hard time finding the restaurant. Out-of-the-blue, in walked Alexia's little cousin Marla and all her family, including grandparents - on Alexia's daddy's side. The two boys are Logan and Evan, my grandson's from Bend Oregon. These are all Lexi's cousins. Pretty crazy.

I told Missy about my new sewing machine at lunch and she asked me what I was going to do with old one. Why, keep it as a backup machine, up course! After I got home I started thinking that was a bit of a doggy in the manger attitude, so called her to say that if she wants to stop by on her way home Sunday, she can have my old faithful Kenmore. She was thrilled.
I spent some time sewing on pants yesterday and Alexia wanted to be in the studio with me, so she worked on a pot holder on Hilary's looper loom. The pant fit was pretty off so I looked for help online and also sent Theresa a panicked email. Her practical advice was to check the pattern against pants that I already know fit me. So smart.
I love the colors of these loopers. Lexi carefully selects each color for her "pattern." Hilary used them in a rug for bright color spots. I've got one of those on my mental project list.
It started snowing while we were working and came in from the south instead of the west, piling up in my south-facing window. I missed yoga last night as I didn't want to drive in this.
We awoke to this today. This March came in like a lion and is going to go out like a lion. We're moving into the last of our firewood. Spring has started - get on board, Spring!
Alexia wanted to show off her newest potholder last night. She was in the bath this morning when the power went out so had to finish with a Coleman lantern. And of course I had a load of laundry in the washer and dryer
She woke up feeling puny this morning. In spite of throwing up her breakfast and lunch, she's such a sunny little girl that she was singing while playing. I think the bath helped, with the steam and moisture. She's eating rice with butter right and seems to feel better. The problem is the sinus drainage from her cold. It's tough to be a kid.
I used the power outage to cut out fabric with the help of my snoopervisor, including a new muslin to see if I've got the pant fit right. But for now, I'm hanging out with the Lexinator and enjoying the new sofa. She asked me if I would measure her so I can make her a beautiful dress.


Michelle said...

Everyone who reads your blog has GOT to love Alexia! She sounds like a perfect child, even though I'm sure she's human like the rest of us.

I had never heard of the "dog in the manger," so thanks for that link. I have no desire to sew clothes; I'll leave that to you and Theresa. 'Course I have very little call for more clothes, period, and don't mind shopping second-hand when I do.

Minya said...

Her brother would disagree with you :) I think she's about as perfect as can be.

Nina said...

Pants can be tricky to fit. Once you get it right though, you can have the best fitting pants any time you want! I hadn't thought of checking them against a pair that are already fitted. Great idea! I've taken apart clothes to make patterns, but it's probably more work than necessary when I really think about it.

Theresa said...

I haven't heard that expression in YEARS! And the last time I did my Grandmother was commenting on something selfish I did and for the life of me I can't remember what.
The testing against RTW pants helps, but each style is different. It will give you an idea of the basic contours that equal comfort for you. I find making muslins exceptionally helpful with pants. I just make shorts and do the bare bones so I can test fit. I think you should try the Trio pants from The Sewing Workshop. They are wonderful, nice looking and easy.
So Grandma, looks like you all had a wonderful week together and what confection will you be sewing up for Miss Lexie?

Benita said...

I love her pot holder! Those are big ones, which I like MUCH more than the dinky ones that we used to make on the metal potholder looms. And she has a great color sense.

Leigh said...

"A beautiful dress" I love it! She deserves a beautiful dress. Tell her too, that her potholder looks great!