Sunday, March 20, 2011

March Madness

I never wore this vest one time after I finished knitting it, not even to a guild meeting as show and tell. It was not fun to wear and didn't feel good.
It was snowing when I woke up this morning and continued to snow all day. I ended up watching NCAA basketball and turning that vest into this. It's going to be a reverse stockinette vest knitted in the round. So much for fancy.

I also decided to try my hand at knitted head-
bands. The plastic ones can be pretty tight and I'm pleased at how comfortable these are. I made them 17" long and stitched them together, not well I might add, but the seam is hidden by hair.
Alexia is on school break this week so we're baby-
sitting. DD Chris brought her out late this afternoon after the snow finally quieted down. Alexia entertained herself with her Little Petshop figures while we tortured ourselves with NCAA basketball.
This is her favorite dog, I think. I don't know actually as she had a story for every figure, including two mice she said were twins named Qwimsy and Mimsy.
She read a story to me and afterward I told her that this was a first, as always before I had read to her. She said, Uh-huh, and I was good! She's in remedial reading at school so I was pleased at her excitement. We'll read more throughout the week. Note the bear to her left. He's wearing a Cat in the Hat T-shirt and glasses.


Marion B. said...

I think you'r right to rip it out if you don't like your vest. But it looked so pretty...... But you're right.

Alexia is such a funny girl, with such a wonderful grandma.

I wish you both a very happy time.

Theresa said...

Spring break huh? I ask, where is the spring in that??
Snow here too, or should I say, Mud futures! :)
The headbands are adorable, certainly better than plastic. I don't succumb to college basketball, still in morning over football but I did get sucked i to watching the netflix's dvd's I have of showtime's The Tudors. Did you manage your buttonholes? Can you not tell A that the jackalope has a foot injury and leave it at that?;)

LA said...

It's such a wonderful milestone when they read to YOU! You are right to reuse that's lovely. Now the question: what will it make this time?

Cindie said...

The vest looked really nice but if you don't like it or wear it great idea to rip it out.

Valerie said...

whoa...that took a lot of guts to rip so soon. Mine would have marinated in the closet for.....probably years, if I'm honest.

How precious that A. can read to you now! Looks like you have a lot of "kiddie lit" in the days to come. IMO, that was one of the best parts of parenting. So I assume grandparenting with literature can only be better!

Nina said...

If you won't wear the vest, turn it into something you will wear! That way you'll get to enjoy that pretty yarn.

Way to go Alexia! Being able to read to you is a great achievement.

Leigh said...

I can't believe you never wore the vest! I really like it. Well, I can believe it because I have a bunch of things I never wear either. Hadn't thought about ripping them out and starting over though.

Judy said...

I like the soft colors of your vest and you're right, if you don't like it, it's better to unravel it and make it into something else.

Cat in the Hat-what a great book and a very big congrats to Alexia on her reading it to you!! May she have years of reading enjoyment ahead of her.